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Best Looking Simtra Competition


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Well seeing as theres been so many simtras bought lately due to the fact there cheap as chips i thought it would be a laff to have a competition who people think is the nicest.

If people think its a crap topic merrr i dont care close it then.

It will work that you post your pics in here by the 5th april and then ill edit the post and create a poll with all the pics.

Rules are

** your allowed to post 1 pic of the bike only so choose well.

** you vote on the looks not on how good of a pic it is, so makes it fair as not all of us have 500quid cameras

** it can be a older bike you had doesnt have to be what you have now, so for example tarty adam could post his up even though he rides a DOB now

** Its the nicest looking bike comp not nicest spec comp so remember that.

if you have anymore rules you can think of then say

PRIZE is: a marsbar or other chocolate bar of your chooseing but, ive always wanted to do this for some reason i won't package it up i shall just stick the address on and send and see if it gets to the person or whether PO will eat it lol

cheers x

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Ill be entering mine around tues/wed when ive got it and built it up. Ill have to take pics before i ride it as no doubt ill scratch and dent it within 20mins

andrew, im sure uve got a spair czar frame lying round :P perfect prize :P

nope it is being sold tonight :D guna be nice to get back on a bike with a nice bb rise :P

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dont vote yet as people may post better ones up like mine :P so dont say pep what ever his names yet lol

Bigman you need to pick one pic which you want to enter. Otherwise when i put all the enteries in one post there will be shite loads of pics and be a pain so one pic per person.

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Quality thread! Cheers for the comments so far regarding my bike, i love you all. Just want to say thanks to my agent, my family for being there man... lol

Will have a fish and see what pics ive got of it, and post it up at some point.

Loving bigmans rear disc build

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