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Andrew Chai's New Ride! Neonbike.com


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Last Friday we had a very special hand over for Andrew. For 2008 he has signed contract with NeonBike to be a Factory rider and came down to collect his new bike!

He is very pleased on how the bike has turned out and feel right at home on it after 10minutes ride out side!

Anyways here's some pictures for you guys to enjoy(Y)


Frame: Neon 20" Trials

Forks: Echo Lite

Headset: Neon

Bars/ Stem: Neon

Grips: Monty Foam

Brakes: F + R Avid BB7 160mm

Front Wheel: VIZ Disc/ DOB Mag's Rims

Rear Wheel: Try-All Disc/ DOB Mags Rims

Tyres: Maxxis CC

Cranks: Neon

Bash: Neon

Freewheel: ENO

Bottom Bracket: KO ISIS









A Quick play around on the bike:D


Hope you enjoy them,



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Thats awesome, does go really well, the red rim tape mirrors the BB quite nicely.

I thought the frame colours were a bit gash, but thats proved me wrong.

Keep updated on how well that rear disc mount holds out, I like it but the fact how the caliper can be adjusted back and forwards seems like it might move, I'm probably wrong though.

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rear brake is still bedding in at the moment, the mount has yet to shift at all though.

the bars are taking a little getting used to, but i think i am going to stick with them for now.

Bike is quite a lot lighter then the echo, though i dont tihnk its quite as light as it can be. the frame seemed about heavy for 1810g imo. but maybe it was the way i held it, didnt use a scale or anything.

and yes first front back disk set up and i am absolutely loving it!! makes you seem sooo much smoother!

ps bb7 brakes dont wobble AT ALL, perfect stops on both front and rear.

very happy with the bike! let me know if you want more information.

Thanks for the comments guys!

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