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So with the weather being simply cack pretty much everywhere I ended up trawling through my YouTube channel at old videos.

So let's see your earliest videos. Nothing like remembering the good ol' days and how much it's all evolved.

Since I've done mod and stock I'll do both to begin with.

[url="http://youtu.be/5Go6vsdwTqQ Mod

http://youtu.be/WDwlyc7vcSU Stock

Let's see them chaps. I'm expecting some golden oldies from the older guys here!

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I don't really have an old video of me its only 2-3 years old. I'm commenting to ask where the natural spot your riding is in your first video ? Your info says your from Northumberland, is it close to there ?


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Yessss Ali! X-ups,switzerland squeekers and crankflips!!

Its amazing when you guys have posted old videos you can see little movements and techniques you still do today.

Keep them coming, really enjoying this!

Tarty...you know fine well you've got some corkers!! Unleash them!

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I don't know what I was thinking when I chose the music...


I don't blame you, I listen now to what I used to listen a couple of years ago and I feel extremely embarrassed of myself.

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