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Omen 24 Black Build Thread by HippY


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Well, hello guys!

It is the time to introduce my new build, change my sig, and shout with my mum that it will not be overly expensive

I just got a new frame kit!

It is a magnificent Omen 24 preserved by Cocky/Seabass that is just beautiful. In real life seeing it, it is kinda heavy, but I will broke first, not the bike, I am sure

At this current state it is the "lets throw it together, take some picture and scream like a little girl", so I will rebuild it again

And as the great clerictgm said

These frames are made by evil, dr. Evil. There are rumors that the Russian Mafia involved in this.
OMEN is for bad guys, really bad guys, not for homeboys and pussies.




Current Part list

Omen 24 frame

Trialtech Disc forks

MONGOIII headset

BBB 110x30 stem

Rockman Rocky bars

Avid juicy 3 on the front

Echo TR with MT2 lever on the back

Hope Pro 2 rear hub

Hope XC Front Hub

DMR DV green rims

Stuff to get

Square taper BB

18T sprocket


Moto Digger+tubes

Seat post, clamp and seat

discs+adapters(203 Schimano Rt66 front, 200mm Hope trial on the back)

KMC Z610 chain

It is not final, but it will be soon :)

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well at first look this thing is massive, although I can only really compare to my Koxx hydroxx frame

But the gussets around the headtube are large and seems rather strong, thick plate

it seems to be oversized everywhere

It is proper heavy, but feel like a tank, while holding in a hand

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Well, little update, several orders will be made in the next few days

DMR Devee



(bear in mind that my fork is +20 standard and I will use 200mm hope discs)

Next Friday

DMR Moto tyres(CRC)

A saddle(ebay probably)

a seatpost(ebay probably)

Hope trial 200mm discs(CRC, because of the adaptors)

Friday: some coronita, some lime, and go to a friend to lace the wheels :)

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I build my first wheel a while ago and it turned out surprisingly good, even when I laced it wrong!

I will do the same here with a friend+help of several tequila beers :D

It is 24 inch :)

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Well you can be, as I cannot seem to find them anywhere, probably I will order them from germany :(

Just ordered them from a dodgy german website, jaaaa, da ist gut mamma!

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Well Friday will be the time for the next order, and probably it will come from tarty for various reasons.

My basket for Friday so far:

First Square BB

Halo Black spokes

Trialtech 18T sprocket

+20mm Hope Is/pm adapter

Next order(s)

KCNC +43 IS to IS adapter

CRC: Holy roller tyres

RT66 203 discs

Z610 chain

Seat will come later on, as it is not a crucial part of the bike

Anything that you would modify or do differently?

I was thinking that I should get 180 mm discs as I am 100% I do not need the excess power of 203 (I will be happy If I learn some smaller stuff) and it might be cheaper with a few pounds... although there wont be the swag factor of 203 discs

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okay, so as it turned out, I will order everything on Friday!

although the order is modified a little:

Rt66 180 disc: I do not need the power of 203 I am sure, and I can be assured that the discs wont kill my frame or fork

DMR Moto Diggers: They are cheap and I think I will need the grip more for the trialsy moves especially when I will be on grass or doing DJ time to time

Hope+20 Is to Is adapter, cos 180 disc

Edit: Today I ordered from tarty tomorrow from CRC. I will go with Holy Rollers, as 9 people liked them opposed to the 2 DMR people, and thus I think it says that it should be a better tire

Seat will be an inspired seat and post combo with a monty clamp, later on

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Part list as it is now:

Omen Frame

MongoIII headset

BBB 110*35 stem (I am a tall guy)

Rockman Rockbar

Trialtech 24 disc only fork

First Square BB

ZHI 160 cranks (I know, that they are short but hey, I have them :D)

18T Trialtech sprocket

Red Hope Pro 2 rear hub, Halo Spokes, Trialtech rimtapes, 2.4 Holy rollers

Pink (was red once) Hope XC front hub, Halo Spokes, Trialtech rimtape, 2.4 Holy roller

1 DMR Deevee green rim (other will be posted on Monday from Germany)

2x 180 Schimano RT66 discs

Hope+20 mount

Avid Juicy 3 (will be changed as soon as I can)

MT2 lever with Echo caliper (rear)

Z610 HX chain

Need to get:

13T Splined rear sprocket

Seat... but I am not in a hurry about that

a pair of balls

It will be built in this week, as I am busy, but by the end of the week it should be done I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!ONE!

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umm, its going slower... but ive got frame, fork, hope headset and a hope seat clamp. getting the wheels soon as on the skye pro simply because they'll be cheaper and ill get deevee's or green pimp rims eventually. i just wanna hurry up and ride it! however, ive got about £900 worth of cabledrums i might try to sell but at the moment there just sat about in my garden and ive made a course haha :P

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Deevees are selling out everywhere, I could my green DeeVee from Germany, and that is late as well

I could not found any green Atomlab Pimp rims at all in 24 :/

Spank Stiffy might be a good choice there are some in Germany for good price

You need to get special hubs, dont you?

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