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first, do backwheel hops stable

before you jump, little bit drop the front, but not too much

release the brake, and quickly pedal, then jump forward

After press the brake again

and practice practice practice practice practice practice practice

you need to get a feel for it, but eventually you will :)

www.trashzen.com, this guy can explain really well!

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and practice practice practice practice practice practice practice

This is the key word, lots of it.

I remember when I first started trials about 16 years ago, took me forever to learn to do this but the hardest thing to do before that was hold it on the back wheel without hopping backwards. Learn to find your balance point so that you can balance on the rear wheel and hop on the spot as this is key, if you can't do this then practice it first. Then as Hippy has said lower your front end a bit and start slowly kicking your pedal, I seem to remember I found it easier to roll a little bit, like a wheely from static but only a few inches, then eventually started adding the hops onto low kerbs .etc., over time get bigger and bigger

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It's so strange how difficult the pedal kick is when you start, eventually you can do it without even thinking you're moving your legs/fingers.

Practice and be prepared to stack it a lot. Just keep trying to pedal kick up that curb, as you have to do it in 3 or 4 kicks, and try and do it in a straight line. Advanced pedal manoeuvres here

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I havnt managed to ride much the last few months, so I'm still struggling with this myself.

So the brake thing... I get why you pull it before, I don't get why you pull it after ??

From my bmx days, while in the air if the back wheel is rotaitng it keeps it up, pull the brake and the wheel drops. Is that effect important to a pedal kick?

Its a hard habbit to brake (pun) but I only brake when the wheel is going to touch ground, sounds like I should be hitting it sooner?

And the body position pre load... when I pedal, its about quarter revolution of the cranks, putting my lead foot lower than the other, one leg is then less loaded than the other if that makes sence, causing me to be off balance, and the sudden forward motion when i push the pedal eaves my body weight behind the bike while it moves forward, when I'm technically falling backwards at that point, how do I compress and spring forward?

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I don't really understand the 2nd half of what you said there but basically the reason you pull it after the kick is to stop the bike from moving underneath you. Otherwise it will just loop out and you'll be on your arse.

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Yeah, you pulled that bad boy out for me a while back (Y) I just never got that you brake then hop, I thought you broke after hopping, which is shagging hard!

Peadl=making the bike want to loop

Brake=throwing your body weight forward, alowing you to preload and hop!! :)

How did that escape me before!? See I was trying to hop during the 'bike wants to loop' bit, which was what I was babbling about in the first post I made that made no sence.. guess it wouldn't, I was being a twat!

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