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Console/Arcade advantages (Marino here too)

Clerictgm mk2

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over fourplay? Is there any?

I've noticed that bars are play really much in how bike feels, one of the most important thing and part of bikes geo.

I like Console look and geo more so I rather buy it, but what advantages(instead of aesthetic satisfaction :D ) I'll get If I buy it?

And why on tartys there are different steerer tube info of console and arcade (225 and 235mm?).

And Console has 130mm headtube, right?

Oh, how can I forget about Marino. What about Archive compared to Inspireds? And of course a custom frame.

Any news from him? Something changed in his work? (production time, quality).

And whats the best way to pay him. PayPal + credit card?

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Yes but Arcade bars are specifically designed towards street riding whereas TT high rise are not. Arcade, Console, Fourplay, Hex, Element, Flow, etc are all designed for street riding just have different geo's to suit different needs. None are specifically better than another it's all down to what a rider prefers to ride with.

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