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North Wales Indoor Round Two!

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event details have been confirmed

march 26th sat 12 noon start open practice

sunday 27th inddor competition - bike battle style 12 noon start likely.

there you go everyone, all the nitty gritty details will be sorted by the end of the week.


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i think we'd change it a bit and have an indoor evening friday then a street ride in llandudno area on saturday day time followed by another indoor ride on sat late afternoon early evening then hopefully a big party on sat night and then bangor on the sunday followed by ogwen on the bank holiday monday.

thats not a confirmed itinery but a suggested one...

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Sounds proper bo to me!!

Wonder if there's enough interest would it be worth trying to do a 'deal' with a local b&b whereby a loads of rooms are rented for the necessary night. The place I stayed at definitely wasn't anywhere near full, so I expect they'd be glad of the gaurenteed business and be willing to do some sort of 'deal.'

Anyway, 3 days riding, sounds bloody good to me! :P

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people will be free to ride where and what they want, the indoor thing will probably be fridday night and sat afternoon/evening though so people will probaby end up staying this end...

i would have thought most places will be rather full over easter bank holiday but i can see if anywhere can sort out a deal, if not we could always do a huge trialsforum camping trip...

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Where would it be? And where is this place in relation to Cardiff?

(Would just multi-map it but I dunno where it's being held, if it's Lake Ogwen again I apologise :">)

Edit: Balls, that's out of the question then:

Me living on the right hand side (Y)

Im the bit the map does'nt show...

...At the bottom (Y)

Do one closer to the south (Y)

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hey you southern lot. keep your eyes peeled for a big summer event, that one will be worth the 6 hour journey from worthing for sure.

i might look into organising them elsewhere around the country but for now i'm concentrating on ooop north...

would it be worth the 8-9 hours journey from Ramsgate?

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