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Hell Yea, Shes Back


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Mmmmmm capri!

My mate tim who was in school with me used to collect them, he had a 2.8 to raz around his field and 3 others for the road.

I love them cars.

Did anybody ever see that Jack Dee episode when he went to a Capri club?

That was funny shit!

Nice car dude (Y)

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It's a pile of shit.

Yea, run it off willy.

Suprised your not running a bigger webber on it??

The carb on there is fine for the mods im running.

When I can afford more bits, I will need to upgade, but until then, this is fine.

only two things i ain't liking are the silver wipers and the door trims need a bit of a polish

I would have cleaned the side mouldings, but it statred to rain.

The wiper arms will be back to original black soon.

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loving the rear window jobbie....not too keen on it myself.

ill see if i can get a few piccies of my mates mk1....not that is a beaut.

he also has one a mk3 (same as yours) that he mucked about with alot.

nice car anyhoo ;)

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That evo is  ;)

Is it an evo 2?

Evo 6's are much nicer

My dad used to have a 2.8L injection capri and it was well fast till it blew up

what the hell are you on about, Evos have got progressivly worse looking in my oppinon through the years, and the 6 was the ugliest. It is an evo 4 isnt it? not really sure but it looks damn sexual and so does that capri! A very fine looking car the me laddo.

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