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What Ratio's Do You Ride With ?


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What ratio's do you ride with, we all choose different styles and ways of doing things so lets hear it.

What gears do you run when your doing your trials (street & natural), bmx's and any other you want to put down. Im always interested in how people ride.

Put your Trye Pressure too, always usefull. (Y) thanks

I ride 18tooth front freewheel on a 12t back sprocket (t-pro 2005 frame)

Usually 15psi for street.

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on my trials bike i run 22t on front and 17t on back

dunno wat psi softer front than back

bmx u want 36t front spocket or higher for dirt, hard as you can get psi, so u can get alot of speed

but for park u want 32t or 34t front spocket, hard as you can psi again, this is so u can accelerate quick from stall or sumthin

probably use 17t on the back for both park and dirt

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u think i should go 14t back 16t front rather than an 18t.

im coverting from onza t-pro 13t back 18t front.

you would only be able to gep like 2 foot MAX!!! lol changing any higher tooth rings on the back (should be 12t) and 18t on the front (front freewheel) then your going to get a VERY light gear, and it will feel terrible! lol

13t on the back is lighter than it should be aswell...

I run the standard 12t on the rear and 18t FFS on the front

EDIT: running 12PSi on the front and around 15PSi on the rear :)

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Ive got a Python 05, and run 18:13 with 158mm Monty Cranks.

Due to the bike 'stays being long and the geo, with short cranks, it seemed too hard to stick with 18:12 but im planning on getting some nice tensiles or something, then changing back to 12t on the rear, maximum distance per kick :)

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18:12 zona zip

Soft ass tyres :P

Its not JUST gear ratio that determines acceleration. The length of your cranks can also allow you to gap further if you use longer cranks. The longer lever (a la cranks du tensiles) provides greater acceleration over a short distance. Great for static moves, but if you overdoo it then your top speed will be around 2 mph down a hill :lol:

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