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An Old Picture Of Nick Manning

Mr Motivator

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Yeah I remember that, he made the 52" to the left of the pic where the top of the wall is missing but couldn't quite get that bit. It was at like 9pm on the DJ ride in Portsmouth, just before I went home.

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i stood next to danny butler tapping 58" flat with a shit run up and he pissed it

and i shit my self.

was that in his garden dave? f**king mental stuff i saw him do it the other week pissed it aswell, he told me his best was around 70inchs

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Yeah danny is abit of a beast i must say, i think he's learnt from the best though gilles and giacomo :P

My highest is 54" kept to back wheel :)

Cheers Kyle.

I'm gonna sound like a dummock here, but is that 54" in a tapping way, or a straight backwheel?

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