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Which Bike Is Rowan Johns Riding At The Moment?


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Do we have another arse licker in the making?

Jealous are we? Just because someone 'idolises' someone, thats no reason to take the pee, everyone needs a role model, helps get motivated and such. Wether thats with Trials or just life in general, someone to look upto is a good thing.

And yes, if that means whatever Rowan is riding he rides then so be it.. In the guys mind its going to be the best thing since sliced bread and think 'yea.. Rowan does this so one day i will too' and thus making him progress.

Thats about that for now i spose.

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Had the old Echo Pure, then went to an '07 Pitbull, didn't get on with it all that well, so switched to the Zenith, now looking for (read: found, I think...) another old Pure I believe, although you'd have to get it from the man himself, not that he was giving much away in his post up there ^^ :-

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He is currently looking for another 04 Pure. He has sold the Zenith and Pitbull.

Even if Rowan is getting his ass licked, he deserves it, hes been riding for yonks and bloody good at it too. And unlike 99% of all the other people he doesn't brag about it either, he just loves being out on his bike and riding with other people.. Not seeing how many people will lick his ass. He's also a very helpful guy, if your struggling with a move of sorts then he'll help you out best he can.

Another rider i know like that is Ben. Big Ben.. THink his name on here is Benji? Not entirely sure, Trials's biggest friendly giant.. One of the Swindon lot, used to ride a Curtis.. Not sure if hes even got a bike anymore. However, again, soooo laid back, such a guy to ride with, taught me to backwheel back in the day.

Anyway.. Nuff bout that.. Thats answered the questions, cheers ta lovely.

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Craigleescott doesnt inpress me that much, damon's my idle and the person who's arse i lick, i don't care what people think, he is just amazing and inspires me so much.

Say what you like, i Dont care.


holy hell son withdraw that tongue before you loose it, or worse you hit a patch of ass that hasnt been wiped

p.s. damon copies me an he knows it

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