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Who Lisens To Music While Riding?


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yeah i listen to music some times depends on if im in the mood to find my mp3 player

i mainly listen to prodigy while riding, the beat and pace of the music just make me wanna try bigger things

which normally means me falling off landing on my mp3 player and having to buy a new one :angry:

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I listen to music but only when riding alone. Used to listen to rock and similar stuff but that just made me loose control and put too much power into moves. The best music for me is something that makes me chill out and feel a bit sad. It keeps my mind on the technique, not the power. Cafe Del Mar seems good for this purpose.

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Ipod on shuffle if im out riding by myself

Current artists -

Ash - 4 Albums

Bowling for Soup - 3 Albums

Bullet For My Valentine - 1 Album

Elastica - 2 Albums

Kings of leon - 2 Albums

Led Zeppelin - Best of(2 CDs)

Lost Prophets - 3 Albums

Punchline - 1 Album

Queens of the stonage - 2 Albums

Samian - few randoms songs

Semisonic - 1 album

Wolf Mother - 1 album

Zebrahead - 2 albums

Zutons - 2 Albums

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I would sometimes listen to music when riding my mtb as it gets me motivated, but it only puts me off when i ride the trials bike. I tried it once and it was so off-putting i couldn't ride anything or concentrate, but i normally ride with other people anyway, so there is no need for music.

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i used to listen music on my phone, but i can't anymore since i lost it while riding :(

i listend to in flames, bullet for my valentine, p.o.d and red hot chillie peppers.

really gave me a boost sometimes :)

Yeh man puts me in the zone. Its all about the upbeat punk for riding I think like 'A wilhelm scream'. But my piece of shit mp3 player broke.

Only going to say this once so listen :P



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Yeaaah i generally listen to music when i ride natural.

Normally because im on my own (N)

Usually consists of:

Flowing hip hop such as;

Dilated peoples,

Jurassic 5,


Or pumped rock;

Old papa roach stuff,

Linkin park,

In flames,


Or some drum 'n' bass.[Not with the 100mph talkin people just beats]

Such as;

Dj shadow

Some dj hype stuff,

And fabio and grooverider (Y)


But when riding street i listen to the nagging of the people i ride with.


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