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Muse Concert Last Night

Jay Jay

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We had the Noisetts. Pure shit! Muse were just amazing. Especially when they played Plug-in Baby. I think i came in my pants.

Oh my fookin god, reckon i can sleep a solid 16 or so hours so the time passes quicker between now and tomorrow night in notts?

I can't f**kin wait :o:o:o:D:D :bow: :bow:

Is there much of the new stuff in contrast to the old or is it a fairly even mix between album hits?

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Went to see them in Manchester last friday, they were AWESOME!!!!!!!! :D Who supported them at the show you watched? The Noisettes supported them in Manchester, they were truly poo :(

yeah I saw them then too!! fooking mega!!!!

If anyone ever gets the chance to see Muse live then do it! fackin awesome!

The Noisettes were truely wank though lol

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I went and saw them last saturday in manchester and was blown away by how good they were. Matt Bellamy is truly amazing - so much soul and energy and my god does he know how to express it. The Noisettes weren't that bad either to be honest, though their sound set-up was pretty poor imo and that never helps.

Is there much of the new stuff in contrast to the old or is it a fairly even mix between album hits?

The set was a pretty good mix, played about 80 minutes, most of the new album and a good mix from all the previous ones but not Citizen Erased and no Microcuts which i'd have liked to have seen as well. I so wish I was seeing them again this weekend, you will not be dissappointed.

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Ahh yes. Off to see them next week at Wembley. Two nights. Big big fan of muse as is my mate. Been checking the setlists from the recent nights and yeah dissapointed they're not playing Citizen Erased but hopefully they will do for london. What did they open with? When they played Aberdeen they opened with Knights of Cydonia and closed with Take A Bow. Should be the other way around! Anyways off to bed.

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Bit of a late reply but....

Saw Muse at Wembley Arena on Tuesday. Quite possibly the most IMMENSE gig I have ever been to and well I don't think I'll ever go to a better gig! Was standing at the barrier just off to the left.

Didn't think much of The Noisettes. (N)

Then Muse came on.... Everyone was wondering what they would open with... and well... Take A Bow. Immense! Haha my mate was especially happy as he wanted Take A Bow to open and Knights of Cydonia to finish. So yeah a truely immense set. Bliss was wicked as Matt got up on a platform right infront of where I was standing! Was so ledge! Haha Got some pics which I shall upload later. But yeah he was up on that platform constantly. Then they played Citizen Erased! The whole of Wembley errupted! Highlight of the night!

Ended with Knights of Cydonia and we all went mad.

To sum it up. LEDGE!

I'll get pics up later on before I go to work (Y)

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I saw them at Sheffield Hallam FM arena on Saturday 18th and i went as not liking the band and only liking 2 songs (supermassive and then one after it).

However, it was ok, loved the set (stage set-up i mean), and loved watching drummer.

Oncores were good, and now love Knights of Cydonia (Y), changed my mind a bit bout them

Only bad thing was me and girlfriend got to 4th row from front and this massive fat guy next to us was getting pushed the opposite way, so he pushed our way with his arm across my girlfriends throat. Didn't notice at first and when i did, she looked in quite pain so did my best to pull his arm off and pulled her out from next to him, he then got a nice smash in his back :P

good concert

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I saw them on Sunday the 12th or somethin in cardiff then again on the tuesday after in the NEC! Slightly different set both nights, cardiff they did Knights first, take a bow last AND played citizen erased, at the NEC they did take a bow first and knights last, DIDN'T play Citizen, but played Sunburn and Muscle Museum instead!!

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