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How Many Hours Driving Did You Do Before You Passed Your Test?



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  1. 1. So, how many then?

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27 hours total i think. But i was ready for my test after something like 23, however i failed for speeding (not so ready after all)....

so the last 4 hours were spread over 3 months whilst i waited for another test slot.

I think there should be a minimum requirement of 30 hours to be honest. I know so many people who passed after a lot less hours than me and wrote off their car/lost their license for speeding and other stupid things (drink driving). Where as i had 27 hours but haven't crashed once in 2 years, and would consider myself slightly above average on driving ability.

so yeah, more is better, if you actually want to be a good driver, rather than a knob.

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I took around 11hrs of driving lessons before i passed (First time too :)), now to the pint similar to Andy where i have been driving for 3.5 years now and (Touch Wood) i have never had an accident, which is nice.

Thing is i had already had alot of driving experience, not realy on cars, when i was 17 i had been driving tractors for atleast 8-10 years, and then passed my Tractor driving test when i had just turned 16 which is to allow you to drive on the road (although had been driving them on the road before this time.......). so had been driving tractors on the road for over year before i started driving cars, and i had also been riding a moped around so had experiance of the roads.

So as i say to alot of people i was fairly experieced when ti came to taking my test, hence passing first time blah blah......


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35 hours i believe, thats including the 3 hours i had before each test.

I don't believe anyone can say they've had less then 10 hours and passed, unless they had driving time outside of the 10 hours, as there is a lot to learn, and i don't think 10 hours will cut it.

40 is the average for a male, 50 for a female. :)

Had my first accident earlier this mont, which was completly my fault, and wouldn't of crashed if i was trying to be a 'unt, so heh, seems to off done me well.

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My brother took about 1yewah and a half to pass, with a lesson a week, Took him on his forth time he passed! Only took hime that long cause he idslocated his shoulder twice. Hopefully I'll past this year, I'm not 17 untill may, Which is crap! but I might go on one of them intensive courses, are they any good?

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Theres no point in even having a proper instructor lesson till you can drive round a car park, clutch control, fairly precise steering and control etc. Waste of money till you can do that imo. Had about 30 hours, passed 2nd time, after leaving a signal on, in my prehistotoric non indicator clicker equppied car.

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Not trying to sound like a willy here, but why? Any evidence for why there bad?

Im interested in taking one aswell and want factual based arguments...

Again sorry if this sounds like im being a willy


There was a thread asking about this a while back, i'll run it down.

You learn way to quick, as its all crammed into that week.

Usually, if you do pass, your driving will be very bad, as Tom can verify, along with countless others who have done the intensive course and f**ked up not long after at all.

I believe 2 lessons a week is just right. Gives you time to memorize it all, and to not get overloaded with rules, techniques and so on.

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