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How Many Pancakes You Devour?


Pancake numbers  

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  1. 1. How many pancakes did you devour?

    • 1 to 2
    • 3 to 4
    • 5 to 6
    • 7+ you fatty

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12 for me, with lemon and sugar


just 3 here, but had them as a disert rather than main course....

only made them so i could show my sister how to flip it properly, two of hers ended up on the hob in about 6 peices.... :turned:

might start having them for breaky.

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Slight diversion... whats the best pancake flip you did? Managed a 540 (second attempt!) but forgot to try a 720 or 900...

I managed the equivilent of a flair, I'd say, so a full flip with a 360, I know that's not quite a flair, but effectively, as the pancake leaves the dish you flick your wrist so it spins 360.

Generally stick to the standard 180, however.

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What kinda pancakes are we talking about here? Like little thin "creps?" or proper drop scone stlye ones. I managed 7 drop scone style ones but i took two to school for lunch all had syrup on them. The ones i took to school got meesybut they were good

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