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Pimp My Mbk Part 3


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Frame: MBK t1000

Fork: Cannondale Fatty R

Headset: Cane Creek

Stem: Thomson Elite X4 120x10

Bar: Try-All Punching Bar

Grip: Some noname shit, seems good!

Topcap: Thomson V2.0

Spacer: Winwood 20mm

Front brake: Hope Mono Trial 180mm 2007

Leverblade: Hope Mini Carbon

Rear brake: Magura HS33 2005

4 bolt mounts: Magura

Pads: CoustSink

Cog: Chris King 15T

Sprocket: Plazmatic by WI 18T

Tensioner: Rolhoff Speedhub Tensioner

Cassettelockring: Pro-Bolt

Cassettespacer: Hope CNC

Cranks: Tensile UCI "Urban Legend" 175mm

Bash: Tensile UCI 85mm

Bottom bracket: FSA Platinium Pro

Chain: KMC K810 Kool

Pedals: DMR V12 Mag

Front hub: DT Onyx Disc

Rear hub: Chris King Classic with Heavy Duty axel

Front rim: Try-All 39mm

Rear rim: Try-All 47mm

Spokes: DT Competiton/ Revulotion

Nippels: DT Aluminium

QR: Brand X Lightweight XC

Front tire: Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.1

Rear tire: Schwalbe Big Betty 2.4

Front tube: Salsa Superlight

Rear tube: Maxxis Welterweight

Rimtapes: Try-All

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I have only used those bars so i cant compare them to any other... but i think i will get some new some day, and a new stem with a little more rise, but i like low bars though. I think the bike rides lovely. The only problem is that i dont ride lovely :D

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So how does it feel to say you would NEVER buy a brake with a companies logo on it, no matter how pimp it was?



The cool thing with these brakes are the color, I would never buy a part with a tartybikes, or any other company for that matter, logo laser attacht on the part... No matter how good tartybikes are.

WAIT A MINUTE....it seems you had already bought the brake from tartybikes and put it on your bike then gone and said this in their topic. hmmmmmm

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complete edit:

Ben Travis, look again please. Its a standard Hope Mono Trial with the extra parts that you can buy at every Hope dealer.

And it dont have a laser atached tartybikes logo, and the reason I dont want one is becouse I think its enough with stickers and stuff like that. Do you get it?

I dont know how it is in your contry, but here in Sweden peple are allowed to have their own opinions about things.

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