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Lukes Lite

Has anyone seen my shoe?

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Thats a sweet ride dude!

Get some bar plugs though because it will be nasty if you fall on an open ended bar!


If you land on that , its going to go through you like a cookie cutter!

Makes me shiver!


Or if cash is tight , local bike shop will give you some placcy ones.


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Monty compensator?

To be fair Luke has looked at all his options, hes had two brakes running off one lever and found that all that does is multiplies the spongyness, this larger pistoned lever is the only option it seems.

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(dont want to sound like a b*****d so im treading carefully)

Look at your hand, lukes stops at about 2 inches aftr the wrist so like an inch away from where your knuckles are.

Another trying not to sound like a b*****d post!

I understand the strap now, I thought his arm ended at his wrist, I.E No hand at all, I can now see how his hand stays in place (Y)

Well done mate for managing to do something that alot of people with one hand wouldnt attempt. :)

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