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the t rex does look like my mad one actually..and the type 3 will fit a curtis I believe


editing this to confirm that the t-rex hanger does fit an '03 mad replica..thank's super cycles you saved me.and quick delivery too!

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Two words:



Why doesn't someone just come up with a standard replaceable mech hanger? There's not a whole load of difference between the designs, at least nothing that if it was changed would ruin the strength of the drop-outs or whatever. I dunno, it just seems like it'd be a lot better for manufacturers/customers if there was some kind of consistency...


PS. Card Hore-style frames take the T-Raptor mech hanger.

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I made the mistake thinking it would fit a sidekick and it didnt and the trailstar ones are completely different to that too

My mate got one of them "Type 3" ones for his DMR Sidekick and although it looked the same it took me about an hour with a bench grinder and a file to make it fit so be warned.

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