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  1. Really enjoyed that, the riding, the edit and the music. Brilliant Ill need to pop through one day on the train and you can show us aberdeen !
  2. love the edit and your previous ones!
  3. need to get a full length out of you riding! love watching the previous one you did which was full off old clips over a few years (or at least i think that what it was)!
  4. Wicked, yeah thats the same area he was riding in the video, cheers folks will have a look at ye old youtube!
  5. years agooooooo back in the day of the old tf forum, there was a rider (lets say im 75% sure he was german) who rode a dual disk monty 20", incredibly good rider but i cant remember his name and wouldn't have a clue where to find his video or previous videos. The one distinctive part from the video was the opening 10 seconds of him showing you his bike, with (no other way to say it) pornographic sounds in the background.....
  6. Sounds good, many places up in culloden? Bearing in mind i wont be able to get up half the stuff you lot will
  7. Yeah bud, tuesdays would be ideal, i know scott and mcinnes, not so sure on james
  8. So Managed to purchase this last year for a grand total of £40..... Needed a bit of work, mainly came with onza components which were a little worse for wear, placed an order with tarty for some shiny new components and this is it as it stands! Cant wait to get out on it! Rockman akali echo urban forks rockman hubs on rockman and trialstech rim crappy bar and stem (next upgrade) rockman freewheel onza cranks hope trials brake magura hs33 Plan is either to get a new frame later down the line with dual disc, but for now im quite happy, will maybe change the bar and stem next month... i think all in this has cost me £360? which isnt bad at all!
  9. just got my bike all built back up, anyone out an about in inverness this weekend?
  10. I am also 30 years old, just got a trials bike last year after not having one since i was about 20?? enjoy it
  11. great to watch, like the more detailed reviews compared to GT but the presenter is just crap imo, couldnt stand him on top gear either.
  12. i live there but not out regularly, more than happy to come out for a bit. there are quite a few riders and a facebook group i believe
  13. Just went to order some snail cams from tarty then was given a few options for axle size. im at work, bikes at home, not looked at it in months...... T-comp wheel i guess? certainly an onza one any ideas on axle size? Mars bar to the first person who has the correct answer....... *please note mars bar will not be posted until the cams have arrived and fit correctly... some mars bars may not be delivered
  14. Anyone on here experienced or knowledgeable with diet plans? i had signed up for one with a trainer but didnt see enough change in the two months i was on it (i know ti obviously takes time) I also felt there wasnt enough variation food wise (is this normal for 2 months)? I currently weigh 80kgs but not wanting to get much bigger size wise more cut down the body fat. Activity wise i dont trials bike as much these days so its more freeweights 4 times a week and ice hockey 3 times a week.
  15. f************CK that