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  1. great to watch, like the more detailed reviews compared to GT but the presenter is just crap imo, couldnt stand him on top gear either.
  2. i live there but not out regularly, more than happy to come out for a bit. there are quite a few riders and a facebook group i believe
  3. Just went to order some snail cams from tarty then was given a few options for axle size. im at work, bikes at home, not looked at it in months...... T-comp wheel i guess? certainly an onza one any ideas on axle size? Mars bar to the first person who has the correct answer....... *please note mars bar will not be posted until the cams have arrived and fit correctly... some mars bars may not be delivered
  4. Anyone on here experienced or knowledgeable with diet plans? i had signed up for one with a trainer but didnt see enough change in the two months i was on it (i know ti obviously takes time) I also felt there wasnt enough variation food wise (is this normal for 2 months)? I currently weigh 80kgs but not wanting to get much bigger size wise more cut down the body fat. Activity wise i dont trials bike as much these days so its more freeweights 4 times a week and ice hockey 3 times a week.
  5. f************CK that
  6. genuinly one of the best videos ive seen all year, pretty refreshing! Also thankfully none of the oversized bmx crap everyone has these days
  7. Loved it! recognized broadford and portree for sure! (my family are from sconser) but never taken my trials bike out there!
  8. while i can agree flow can look great, too much spinning can look overused and gash (just my opinion obviously) but i just prefer watching tgs or even the comps instead.
  9. A couple options there for you (dont worry about what shop etc more used those for the models and prices.) Treks a great riding bike with the brake pivot design, good warranty on them but in general great riding bikes. The two whytes are pretty much same model (lower spec than the trek) and with one being a 2015 its quite cheap at £1400 from £2000, the forks arent as great but still a good price for a good bike. (i personally bought a whyte t130 and love it) out of the three you have shown i would ignore the on one personally. the trek would be my number one choice if you want to spend that, otherwise the commencal you put up
  10. SPINNY SHIT UGHHHHHHHH having come back to trials after a 7 years break it would appear every video has spins off obstacles or even just on flat surfaces, nice line drop off said obstacle perfect, oh no wait i need to do a 180 off it or after it :@ it pisses me off a lot more than it should, ha! bring back more TGS. not liking the fact trials is becoming more bmx.....
  11. Had one of these but with fluro pink wheels. Was amazing to ride. Swapped the frame for a czar mod and 100% best bike if had but unfortunately no photos kicking about, all the links seem to be broken from my topics 10 years ago ha
  12. any idea on the music?
  13. @Ross McArthur any idea if that sections are always there to ride?
  14. We had one in our bike shop, think it was used once in 7 years ha! Just came in the whole toolkit we ordered from parktool
  15. true but using a tool designed to bend it accurately is far better than bending it with a wrench assuming there is a local bike shop to the forum user lol.