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  1. It certainly is! I'm just back last week from nymburk/Prague
  2. any pictures from previous events?
  3. Pokemon Go

  4. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    Nice!! out of curiosity what did you think of the meta?
  5. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    Ha i genuinely wanted the t130 S Yari but they were sold out at the time, I worked for alpine bikes for 7 years so thankfully they managed to get me this one on a deal instead. How long you had yours bud?
  6. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    Haha! Yeah like it's probably the best bike I've ridden! I did think at the start it was maybe too cross country, but had the fork internals changed to 140mm and it's perfect for what I ride !
  7. Post a pic of your non trials bike

    My two whytes
  8. beaus unfinished

    beau has now passed away but before that i bought things of him (had hassle as most people) got talking on msn he seemed a good bloke and he sent me his video so far.
  9. How The f**k

    nah you cant its a pain in the fekin arse, it says if you want to make one of your already paid for songs into a 30 second ringtone you have to pay $0.99.
  10. How The f**k

    do i get ringtones on it ive follwed the instructions but cant get anywhere, anyone able to help?
  11. Can't Upload Anything On Tf

    if u got nothing helpful to say then dont say anything at all. i have the same problem it means weve used up all our space we can ?
  12. Pride Of Britain?

    ive saw a few clips of the past few years n not been botherd but for sum reason im actually enjoing watching it this time.
  13. Yes Its....

    its how you ride your bike.
  14. Death Magnetic

    ill buy it today then
  15. Help Me Decorate My Room

    my room is probs about 3.5 m X 2.75m (ish) the window and door are on the 2.75m walls ive only got a cmera phone so pics are shite. i dno i thought about printing out on paper a massivve fox head on lots of a4s and then just cutting it out.?