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  1. Synergy added a gallery image in Videos   

    beaus unfinished
    beau has now passed away but before that i bought things of him (had hassle as most people) got talking on msn he seemed a good bloke and he sent me his video so far.
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  2. Synergy added a post in a topic Recomend Me A Fixie ?
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  3. Synergy added a post in a topic Tf Nostalgia   

    also jts monkey avatar and how at christmas it would have a santa hat
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  4. Synergy added a post in a topic Anyone Or Know Anyone Who Suffers From Manic Depression/bipolar?   

    i sufferd major depression and anxiety problems, i ended up looking at cognitive theropy (it was mainly for the anxiety ) but it was a big help.
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  5. Synergy added a post in a topic Lands End To John O Groats   

    have you had a look at bike route toaster? it's a good website for seeing what climbs and descents you will have to face.
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  6. Synergy added a post in a topic Cube Acid?   

    The cubes are a german based company and like most other european companies there idea of xc riding is very different to the uk. Xc in europe is mainly smooth paths going up and down hills so there is not really much needed in the way of the geometry of the bikes, they are very efficient for climbing (there fore quite long in the top tube) but you cant really manouver them about.

    personally id stay away.

    The boardmans are brilliant spec but the frames are pretty poor quality, i havent personally seen the aluminium ones cut up but the likes of the carbon ones (fare enough out with your budget) but the ones of them i have seen have lots of air bubbles which shows poor building/manufacturing technique.

    id be looking at either the trek like mentioned above (comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame 5 years on the bontrager parts and a year on the other parts)

    The genesis bikes (mainly the cores or the altitudes) the cores are an aluminium frame altitudes are a steel. they are deisnged and built in the uk for uk conditions and are really fun to ride. (genesis core20 is a brilliant bike)

    Also look at the cannondales trail sl4 or trail sl3. these come with an air fork which you would normally have to pay £900+ plus to get on other hardtails. (i helped collegeboy on here) look into the bikes i explained about the cubes (he was looking at getting one) but instead took my adivce and bought the canndonale.

    he loves it

    Also i work in alpine bikes in inverness and we are probably one of the closest stores to you in shetland that can offer most of these bikes ring up anytime if you need advice dude.
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  7. Synergy added a post in a topic Lands End To John O Groats   

    I work in alpine bikes inverness, if you need any help with the bikes pop in (eg if you need certain tools) i will happily help you out.

    watch out for the hills between caithness and brora there are massively steep hills with sand traps for the lorries to get caught in when there brakes fail.
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  8. Synergy added a post in a topic Tf Nostalgia   

    Things i remember.

    The thread about cls videos where sumebody actually beileved he had a sex change and people kept posting links up saying www.craigleescott/werebullshittingyouheisamale

    the various times the forum was updated and given a new look..... everyone complained.

    the time somebody got there zona zip stolen and managed to find the address of where it was, going there with the police everyone waiting online to see if he got it back. (in the end i think it was pawned and some guy bought it £30)

    time jt went to america (i dnt no uf ur still there) this is first ive logged on in years lol

    the time everyone wanted to see a picture of deng (i think they kept asking beau)
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  9. Synergy added a post in a topic Koxx Marco Hoesel   

    i had one, and its not as if there that weak, you can ride street perfectly fine

    just dont be stupidly aggresive with it and you will be fine
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  10. Synergy added a post in a topic Carbon Fiber Backings?!   

    you get many differnent carbon fibre weaves some a lot stronger than others and a lot better quality.
    it would be hard to figure out what its like, tend to find in low quality cheap stuff there will be little air bubbles. also thats a fake carbon fibre cover over that, carbon fibre raw doesnt look like that.
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  11. Synergy added a post in a topic Uefa Champions League - Barcelona Vs Chelsea.   

    f**king raging f**king c**ts.
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  12. Synergy added a post in a topic Xc   

    boardmans are poor quality frames. we have seen them we have taken them apart litterally. alpine were approached to sell them but refused to because they werent up to quality.

    the thing said about pinnacles being made by iron horse and how thats a good thing i would disagree.

    iron horse are now bankrupt.
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  13. Synergy added a post in a topic Xc   

    the boardmans are good but they are set up by halfords staff (dont get me wrong some staff ARE good but some arent)
    the frames themself are a low quality frame hence why the bikes have such a good spec for the price.

    the sram XO stuff it is similar to xtr and meant to be for competition riders that use the lightweight stuff and can afford to replace it when it wears which is a lot quicker than the normal xt and x9.

    in my opinion go for aa genesis, the geomerty is spot on the parts are good. you can get an alitude 10 for about that money which is a steel chromoly frame.

    the genesis and treks come with life time warranty on the frame and crash half price replacements.

    this is just my opinion. i work in alpine bikes and sell these type of bikes for a living.
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  14. Synergy added a post in a topic Xc   

    go for a genesis or a gary fisher
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  15. Synergy added a post in a topic Teenage Angst Communal Agony Aunt Thread   

    oh my forking god.

    i was going out with a polish girl for about a month. HOW MUCH HASSLE ARE THEY!!!
    shes still good friends with her x bf so i go to the cinema last night with my friend and shes sitting at the front with her x!
    pisses me right of that does.

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