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  1. Pranged the rear rotor on my crewkerz attempting a side hop Straightened it as much as possible, but it was still catching badly... Swapped it with the front rotor..... Attempted the sidehop 3 more times and then pranged that one..... one of those nights :@
  2. ha is it? im assuming their will be more next year?
  3. I travel heaps with the ice hockey team ha so was looking forward to some that are a little closer was all ill certainly attempt to make a few!
  4. id be keen to get to some which were a little closer (ie glasgow area would be sound or edinburgh) as im up in inverness! We used to have one in fort agustus years ago (more like a decade ago) it was good craic!
  5. is it parallel with the cogs? Are you able to upload a picture for us to see? preferably from side on and one from above.
  6. is it parallel with the cogs? Are you able to upload a picture for us to see? preferably from side on and one from above.
  7. Just watched section 5, yeah i was talking about section 4 ha ! my bad!
  8. love watching these videos. I dunno if he was showboating? looked like he was just rushing through as quick as he could and made a stupid mistake, paying the penalty.
  9. Id say use draft sight, its also free and essentially the same as autocad 2d, we use it for simple design work at work when solidworks 3d isnt needed. give me a shout if you need a hand, im often having to do profiles for barges etc to be cut out.
  10. Always loved his videos, such a good rider ! excellent edit!
  11. work one..... is it self centred to have yourself as your desktop background? i love this photo of me playing ice hockey in the czech republic.... ( i have dual screen at work hence the bar on one side and not the other.)
  12. can i do something like a drop, then cycle off afterwords in a straight line, tag all the 24" street riders and watch them imlpode as they cant do a 180/360 after the drop?
  13. Phoned up tarty bikes looking for a new frame as my existing bike felt too short for me, ended up buying a whole new bike ha *face palms* Standard alart from had the magura brakes swapped for hope, as I much prefer the hope levers.
  14. Would be quite keen to hit either citys up if we can get a fair few to agree on a date? Id be coming from inverness (most likely early morning train and back at night) Few lads from here would no doubt be up for it....
  15. Really enjoyed that, the riding, the edit and the music. Brilliant Ill need to pop through one day on the train and you can show us aberdeen !