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  1. any idea on the music?
  2. @Ross McArthur any idea if that sections are always there to ride?
  3. We had one in our bike shop, think it was used once in 7 years ha! Just came in the whole toolkit we ordered from parktool
  4. true but using a tool designed to bend it accurately is far better than bending it with a wrench assuming there is a local bike shop to the forum user lol.
  5. some bike shops have steel frame alignment tools, might be worth popping in see if anyone can help you out.
  6. Will depend on your location Alpine bikes stock them in scotland, but i dont even know which country your in i use the low impacts currently, and i would say just be careful size wise, they are quite a chunky shoe and some folk end up going half a size to one whole size up compared to what they usually would wear.
  7. Bare with me................... How hard would it be to make an app which uses google maps, similar to the Pokemon app but instead with gyms and checkpoints you could mark in places for riding. So if you were to visit other cites you could potentially click on a Point of interest, brings up a picture and you could then decide to head there or somewhere else? Obviously because im completely ignorant on apps and making such an app, i would assume its a 5 minutes job but no really anyone any experience with apps? how hard would something like that be?
  8. If you youtube search ben travis, he rode in aberdeen a lot (not sure if he is still there) but you might be able to recognize some spots. St Nicholas shopping centre was always good (on the top of it) from what i remember.
  9. Loving these vlogs, genuinely watched everyone and keep checking my youtube subscriptions for more
  10. 2nd time riding in 7 years, quite chuffed... Think i need to preload a lot more for higher though?
  11. It certainly is! I'm just back last week from nymburk/Prague
  12. any pictures from previous events?
  13. hooked!
  14. Nice!! out of curiosity what did you think of the meta?
  15. Ha i genuinely wanted the t130 S Yari but they were sold out at the time, I worked for alpine bikes for 7 years so thankfully they managed to get me this one on a deal instead. How long you had yours bud?