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  1. Looks beauty that ,red maggies go really well with it i think ross.
  2. im looking for the one with craig pearce featured heavily on a white brisa mod with another dude on a yellow monty -if anyone can help edit* This is the one i was looking for <3
  3. Rickieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. Cheers dude ,i remember all of them either being on dailymotion ,youtube or vimeo ,I can only find a few ,Never mind Agreed ,andy t vids are legendary
  5. Anyone know where i can find the rest of the canberra vids ? I know there was about 10 or so
  6. sweet little edit that
  7. There you go mikey
  8. I just know once this echo tr rim dies ,that's it ,I cant afford or justify spending money on things that wont last 5 mins. That try all rim is an option ,But i like drilled rims Makes bikes look pimp Should of stuck with fishing
  9. Parts for trials just aint the same these days What about us street bashers Cant find echo tr rims ,Its all fecking single wall rims ohh and its all 32 hole Miss that deng fella more than ever now
  10. Heres my problem ,One of the nipples on my rear wheel is virtually non existent ,Ive had to use pliers to true my wheel in the past and this has fcuked it Thought i could extract it via a flat blade screwdriver but theres to much of the spoke poking though for that to work ...Only option i have is to just cut the spoke out and replace it. Does anyone know what length spoke il need for an echo tr rim on a try all h hub ? Hoping tarty guys or the addict lot can assist pretty sure its a three cross two cross spoke pattern ''tarty build'' from a long time ago. that rim - https://www.trendcycles.ch/shop/shop/Rims_19inch_20inch/rim_ECHO_TR_19_inch_rear/en/2/537 This hub but with perfectly round flanges ''not weight weenied cut out bits'' https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=try+all+h+hub&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjBuuXa2ZbbAhUIesAKHRfGDjIQ_AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=658#imgrc=lle6aqtThwEBbM:
  11. Ahhh thats handy I only need a couple of spokes and nipples not a set ,so tarty is not ideal .....thanks for your help mark really appreciate it
  12. cheers mark you still working at tartybikes ? is there anyway you guys could make sure thats the right length pleas ,I dont want to order the wrong size cheers for the quick reply
  13. photos added
  14. Gutted i cant find the rest of johan brundins videos
  15. You never cease to amaze me dude Some of the shit you pull off is just bonkers Bail at the end was funny
  16. Cool video man ,Bike sounds like a bag of bolts and washers though
  17. Still owns it even by todays standards ,he was so ahead of the times !
  18. Not really worth it in my opinion...looks like a monty alp 219 with a fixed 22 tooth cog up front and a freewheel on the back ,Not really reliable. chuck it on ebay ,save up some money and get a decent second hand bike thats already kitted out and up to the job. Well you could upgrade the cranks with front freewheel and a fixed cog on the back ,new bar ,new stem ,Some avid sd7' v brakes with decent pads ,and it would be pretty deceee Sell me them tyres