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  1. Amazing looking spot.natural will make you a better more controlled rider on the street ,keep at it and good luck
  2. Nice video.You remind me of a rider in the uk called dan jones
  3. Mate was found hanging in the woods,to many of my friends have died
  4. Looks beaut what the brakes like ?
  5. Nice bit of art work hit the spot ,well done
  6. I wish you would just leave the videos up so we could all watch and enjoy them shipley video was sweet
  7. Took her out the box and this happened
  8. Ko bike km1 long Stay tuned and stay tgs!
  9. Awesome video that one ross!
  10. That pr is beaut Good job
  11. Yeah this video is awesome
  12. shit hot chai
  13. Cant wait to see the stunt
  14. truly one of a kind flipp sick looking steed too
  15. Il just leave this here https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/608/cosponsors?q={"search"%3A["stop+arming+terrorists+act"]} Only 14 supporters
  16. hello muel
  17. You just described most politicians Never stopped any of them though did it
  18. I dont fancy being surrounded by a bunch of psychopathic pedos and those who cover for them
  19. Much love bruddah
  20. Check list Good water bleed make sure pads are clean and square brake booster This will give you a solid brake ,Out of curiosity what pads are you using ?
  21. Hi jolfa I lost faith in this system along time ago ,politics is big money ,Big money games with big players ,we the little folk dont tell them what we want and what to do ,Its the big folk that tell the little folk how the system is going to be.voting just gives the little folk an illusion of some power and that their voice ''the vote'' matters and is being heard..I dont think the uk is going to leave the eu
  22. No confidence ! illusion of choice may has already won
  23. Riding was good i can see felix progressing quite a bit with that bike
  24. quality watch that
  25. Thanks for your contribution