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  1. No worries dude
  2. https://vimeo.com/user639324
  3. You look much more relaxed and controlled on a mod.Go to trials addict and get a long ko km1 frame
  4. Just because i hate the system does not mean im free from it ! i have to pay like everyone else ...If i could live like a tribes man trust me i would it was measured for a laugh and boy did i laugh .My brother whos a ''G'' scored even higher i never said it was a system of free speech , we are currently tip toeing in to a seriously dangerous fascist state! what do you think political correctness is all about ? Its a boil the frog slowly scenario i know they are always watching bing ,''big brother is watching you'' But little brother is watching big brother
  5. dude you ride stock well
  6. Ehhhh f**k it ! just cant be botherd now
  7. If they have no substance why are you discussing ''how interesting i could be'' Ive visited the hidden area under andy greens profile
  8. hence why i said ''if it interests you ''
  9. Its in the soil
  10. I dont eat fungus ,the fungus is for the roots read if it interests you
  11. It goes beyond people! your a slave to your own nature ,a slave to symbolism. like i told you Im not willing to expose what im doing to counter whats going on. when you have transparent people in power the knowledge thats been kept from humankind will be available to all -Its the kind of knowledge that makes your dreams come true -why do you think secret societies exist ? for laughs
  12. yep look at the'' ill informed knowledge '' that governments and their handlers have bestowed upon humankind over the course of history
  13. People who care care thats who -You are not meant to feel oppressed ,slaves work better if they believe they are free How often do you exit mundane everyday consciousness if you dont mind me asking ? Do you ever allow your conscious mind to get out of the way so that your subconscious can take over ? Im not about to openly state what im doing about it The plan is to expose the skull f**kery thats been placed upon humankind to rid the system of the corrupt ,and put in its place people who are not afraid to be transparent and who are for the people !
  14. Yeah its called fungus plants get rainwater
  15. Herbs and tobacco stepped in water or pyrethrin
  16. I eat when im hungry and only when im hungry I have a small place but my system is efficient.i store food over winter untill the next season All my clothes would fit in a rucksack -im not in to fashion im not out to impress people..i live a basic life ,i like it simple. You become aware ,you expose.simple really!
  17. @TROYston The rape and murder of children by the rich and ''powerful'' what the military complex is up to.
  18. Not looked in to it troy,Im not really interested in that stuff .I think most of it is military My focus is on the ground where the real terrors are taking place! My focus is on secret societies,politicians,corporations,bankers,oligarchs,royal families
  19. People who see through the illusion that's who Everyone is being kept busy and entertained for a reason.
  20. Lazy i run laps round most people,and my IQ is 128 It has f**k all to do with ''being informed'' and everything to do with making the world a safer place for future generations
  21. Of course its with the best intentions ,I grow 90% of my food ,i drink mostly distilled or reverse osmosis water! Ive not bought clothes for years! Never bought ''brand names'' Self sufficiency is the aim of my game! My aim is to make people aware of whats going on! When people become aware of whats going on they become passionate about exposing anyway they can.
  22. I dont believe every f**king conspiracy you moron! I do however ''know'' that secret meetings take place on how to rule over the plebs and destroy society and culture! The world is getting worse and worse by the day ,because Good people are to busy chasing the money instead of their morals !
  23. Dan my passion in life is truth ,it was never always this way,and thats why its important to me now The people who run the show blackmail people with pedophilia to get them to carry out their agendas! Pedos are running the world -and your cool with that ? f**k off! Doing nothing about it -You have no idea lad -no f**king idea-
  24. Like moths to a f**king flame Every time!
  25. Go ask the people you love dave