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  1. Perfect
  2. Dont be silly dave ive not been down that part of the woods for years and years and years but yeah ,massive die off in trials
  3. This is a good video ,let the people of trials forum watch it pleas <3
  4. Kin-hell
  5. it was alex or james richardson ,His first scene was back wheeling or switching a yellow bollard on his black monty 221 ti ,Chris walker was in this video too bunny hoping to bash a big pink wall ,Im glad someone remembers it ,ive tried looking online ,My only hopes are that someone has it on disc or pc. So where does ben slinger fit in to this ,well now im thinking ,ben slinger and chris walker made a video together riding shit loads of natural -i want this video too , Ahhhhhhhhh some one must have it @Danny Kearns any help on this one ? Both videos were cleanbikes videos 100%
  6. After finding this channel with loads of the really old trialskings videos ''here'' ---> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4eEhOv2CWTUhaa-J3t1bXQ It reminded me of a old cleanbikes video With alex or james richardson on a black monty 221 ti with ben slinger and chris walker both on silver monty 221 ti's Im pretty sure it was titled scream or something similar.It had a short intro song ,then a michael jackson song . It was these old videos that got me in to riding ,I can remember watching them in awe thing HOW ? Thanks
  7. Crickey the game really has changed quite a bit ,guess il stick to the normal crossovers then cheers for the info guys
  8. Anyone still make them,cant seem to find any
  9. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh still no joy im pretty sure it was called cleanbikes scream ! this was the song 100%
  10. No way man ,170mm for bikes with 55bb and 1000wb back in 05 does not gel with me. f**k it, Im gonna put my faith in tart and go with 160 x24 I just dont want the wrong stem
  11. Used to love the old monty 221 ti mod stems and want to run one again in the future There are two on tarty website think they are called kamel stems now though not sure anyway does anyone know what the geo of the 221 ti mod stem is?
  12. thats a lush looking bike ,sweet trix too
  13. Really love india <3 Good to see you guys having fun ,great videos
  14. This trials lark is already giving me a massive f**king headache ,and im not even riding yet
  15. Monty are saying 174mm Came with the 221ti 05 ,I dont think monty even has a clue to be honest ,i doubt they even made 170mm stems in 05 dont fancy bying the wrong one , can anyone shed some light on the situation pleas
  16. Must of moved on to eating 4 turkeys a day
  17. if its flush,then the above advice/video will sort out the problem,But if you have the bolt head exposed ,get a hacksaw ,saw grove deep enough for hefty fla thead screwdriver.......You can do it
  18. As said above really man ,or cut a slot in the bolt and use a hefty flathead screwrdiver
  19. Im getting back in to trials this year ,Ive purchased a frame ,but probably wont be about for a good couple of months yet
  20. You should have seen mine ,i bit away the material using cutting pliers then used a file There is no ''real'' need to cut the top section out as i find its always the underside that take the beats!
  21. what echo stem is that ? dimensions ?
  22. Right well i got the ko ,Now i need the stem ,Only problem being is stem dimensions ,Im not sure about the 160mm x 24 as stated by adam above ,seems a bit long for that era ?Could it not have been the 150mm x 24 http://www.bikenbici.com/b2c/producto/M-POT231/2/stem-trial-monty-biketrial-150mm-24-2- ,as i was running this stem back in 07/08 .....ahhhh i dunno,Any help ? Can anyone find out the dimensions of the 07 monty 221 TI stem ?
  23. Gotta be at least 2 and a half
  24. Nice clips man ,whats the new frame ,a zoo of some kind ? like the v set up too
  25. massive,smooth,stylish 2017 year of SRT