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  1. Nice!
  2. Cool video! Miss videos from group rides
  3. Love it! Was a nice visit from you guys and I can´t wait for next time! Greetings from Hrádek ghetto!
  4. My TMS
  5. Hi guys, I would like to share with you my bike. Hope you like it
  6. Haha, thank you but I would rather look like Danny on my bike
  7. Hey guys, new little edit on my 24" is out. Hope you like it and for sure comments are welcome!
  8. Hey boys, after many years of riding 26" pure trials bike I finally started with 24" street/trial bike this year! This is my edit from the summer after few weeks on it. Just chilled garden edit Hope you like it. I really enjoy riding on 24" bike! I love it! Link is here Wish you nice day! Jan Sladký
  9. Hello guys, here is my new video filmed for my new sponsor C1RCA. Video was made mainly for fun in my indoor place, where I am riding throught the winter and enjoying good time together with my friends on trial bikes, bmx, scooters, etc. Hope you like it
  10. Hi Guys, check my first proper video. Please don´t expect any big moves, just relaxed ride with my good friends. And this is what riding shoud be about Hope you like it. Coments good or bad are welcome!
  11. hello all, I did my first video edit ever, so I hope you like it. comments are welcomed. here´s the link
  12. really like Stan´s style! good job
  13. good job, but wear your helmet... keep it up!
  14. hello, my name is Jan, I am 21 and from Czech Republic. I ride 26" Koxx Hydroxx. I like music, girls and freestyle skiing. For the better introducing of myself could be my first video edit from my indoor hall (R.I.P.) here´s the link: Have a nice day...
  15. Welcome mate!