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  1. Few clips from yesterday’s garden sesh. Hope you like them
  2. Nice and made me want to ride! Good job from both of you guys!
  3. Haha, I wished ages skinwall version on my 24"
  4. Few news from recent ride
  5. Really good work!
  6. Thank you very much again for all advices guys! I will give it a try! Jan.
  7. Thanks for your feedback guys. Rotor and brake calliper are fine, it´s really somewhere in the hub. I will try to ride on it in next few days or weeks and I will see. Maybe it just needs some time to run smoothly. If not, I will try to contact Hope, but I am from Czech Republic and don´t want to be without my bike too long
  8. Hello guys, I´ve got new bike with Hope pro4 hubs. And the rear hubs is skipping a little. Nothing horrible, it happen once or twice during one session and it´s only weird noise from the rear wheel. But it´s brand new so I am a little affraid what could happen in the future. Does anyone have similar experience with this hub? Thanks for the reply!
  9. I like this video and there are at least two or three lines which I am not sure if I can do them even on my trials bike (with flow and no extra hops). He made riding gravel fun to watch.
  10. Thank you for your answers guys! I am running Schwalbe table top tyres at the moment, but I am looking for some tyres with tan or white walls... Can you recomend some? Because I did find nothing... It´s crazy that Schwalbe produce Table top tyres with tan walls in 26" but not in 24" and it´s a shame...
  11. Hey guys, does anyone have experience with these tyres? Please let me know thanks!
  12. Hi! I have Spank rims and they are really strong. But could be wider anyway. Sometimes I got puncture when running lower tyre pressure.
  13. Another few jumps from yesterday´s sweet sesh with the boys
  14. One line from yesterday´s sesh after we completely rebuild our ghetto place