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  1. This is 26 with disc. Or go V, whisper quiet if set up properly. Scorpio bikes will make custom aluminum anything.
  2. So crazy good and creative. More Andrewb is needed in trials
  3. Happy Lesko is still riding! Killing it that gap to front at 2:00 was great! Go old guys
  4. Good Riding like the drop to double tire. Nigger rap doesn't add to NYC bmx or here either. Besides that hoping for more
  5. This crew and era was the best. None of this sitting at the trials park training stuff nowadays
  6. Pretty sure it's part of the camera guys personal tastes. This video was kick ass for one day filming in an unfamiliar place. Worthy of many watches. Glad someone taking up where Mark W left off. Wish he was still around
  7. Good stuff some actual rolling around action
  8. These guys pushed so hard and far for so many years. Amazing to watch considering TGS wasn't about trying to be creative or using bmx as an influence. Just 3 or 4 basic things in urban environments. Everyone is about trials park training which I find much more boring than cruising doing urban. Happy to still have Bersha.
  9. I have been running the torch ss 120 hub since July of 2017. It's infinitely better than my hope pro 4. Not even comparable. Also twice the price. Never skips, it popped a couple times until I cleaned it out completely the first week. After 15 months I had to swap one bearing. It rolls so fast everything else feels horrible yet engagements are night and day with kings and hopes. The multiple contact points on each pawl and the fact they aren't sharp but flat and use a2 tool steel make it better. I spent 6 months travelling Asia just riding trials with 20km commutes daily. Much better investment than many other things.
  10. More replies to this than a Ben Travis video a jack carthy video and a Danny macaskill video combined. Good work Mike. Hope you go back to TGS and push it.
  11. Albert Liao, ayliaotrials on Instagram spent a week with Jack and made this video. Wish there were more videos of the top comp guys. Every kid with an inspired pumps out endless content.
  12. Nicely done! The rider at 4:50 is Andei Oprea haha. Hopefully you come again man I owe you dinner!
  13. Place is basically OTN now. Sad times for forums.
  14. you this is refreshing with all the super loud and jerky to front videos out there. Felix still my hero.
  15. First video I've seen that wasn't taken down. I like the tech and lots of different spots too. Good work