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  1. Not to be a party pooper but your going to need a lot of legal work as technically you are buying a £150k house but your also doing your partner out of a £150k inheritance, and to say if you was to break up she has now lost that money as you have now leveraged her £150k with a mortgage? just something to bare in mind.
  2. Not sure i am sold on the forks.... those drop outs look chunky enough to do toothpick grinds on.
  3. Yeah Cash buys are always straight forward well unless you have a less than clear path of where the cash came from. R.E estate agents being a thing of the past I would agree i lump them in with travel agents.
  4. Yeah for the over 70’s
  5. Moving out of Scotland then... sorry couldn’t resist
  6. Hang on in there... your not even at the most frustrating part yet which is waiting for solicitors to do the checks/searches... at that point your patience will be tested! are you looking for a forever home or just a step on the market?
  7. Blame your parents generation for being penalized, that generation f..ked it up with their self cert mortgage applications....
  8. My new car finally arrived this week...
  9. My source is Edd T
  10. It was built by standard byke co. Known for their bmx frames, Chris is pals with the mongoose bmx team manager and got them to build it for him. Though geometry wasn’t correct went on one trip on it before binning off.
  11. That is just a pashley 26ghz.
  12. I have a question, has Danny quit inspired as he has a completely blacked out frame, he makes no mention inspired when he tags his sponsors on his pics and he only mentions Santa Cruz on his instagram bio?
  13. Bmx

    Yeah I'm pretty happy it rides mint, and manuals a dream, nose manuals are still voodoo to me x
  14. Bmx

    I ride quite abit, just built up anew bike
  15. Why doesn't he just call the trick what it is, a crank arm slide!!