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I Dare You To Watch This Trials Video

Ross McArthur

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i watched the whole thing, thinking the music or the riding may get better......


sometimes its not a good thing that chavvy boys are riding around on trials bike and the sports is 'growing' to the wrong direction it seems.

but then look at bmxing, its the same really.. you get* the serious riders, and chavs who just ride bmxs to terrorise the neighbourhood..

what does LMTC stand for anyway? doesn't sound local...im hoping im safe..


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LMAO. I was liking the flow of the music and the riding, i though it went well :lol:

shit music and shit riding you mean

at first i thought they were foreign but then i could hear the english MC and had a mental breakdown. i mean i know chavs are bad but they looked a bare mess

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