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Echo pedals broken


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Helo everybody

I have a pair of echo pedals that broken within the 6 months of warranty period, after contacting with the dealer I've been told that this kind of failure isn't covered by the warranty

Those anyone already broke this kind of pedals - as i remember this model is quite new in the market

Dealer's respond was that "it looks like it might have had a lot of hits?"


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they don't look that chewed up to me, i'd be livid if they weren't warrantied. if you want some better made, lighter alternatives superstar components offer some awesome pedals at very competitive prices, with a 2 year warrenty against anything. i'd get in touch with tarty and see if they would honour the warrenty for them in that condition.

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my axle snapped in the exact same place on the day my warranty ran out.... luckily i didn't get hurt or anything but i should have known better really, wtf was i doing putting lightweight pedals on my old inspired lol

would still buy these pedals again as they are super comfy and grippy, but they should be supplied with spare axles instead of spare pins >_<

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Oh my god I rode over a year on odyssey pedals with grinds and hard landing and nothing just pins had take all the damage (only 440 g :)

This is strange that the axle failed, and yeah there maybe some clicking day or two before it snapped.

I really hope that the dealer will honor the warranty as the body looks good and it's only 4-5 months.

+1 to spare titanium axles on the market.

Great pedal!

I couldn't avoid watching the video of the freewheel play, I gotta say... mine does that too but on an even bigger scale, it moves like 5mm sideways when I turn the Does

doesn't this changing the chainline and makes the chain jump on the rear cog ,

what kind of tension you using dropouts/spoke/sprung?

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It doesn't make it jump at the back however the chain has more tension when the cranks are right foot forward then when they are left foot forward.

Dropouts are horizontal, tensioner is the built in one that comes with the echo 24"s.

However I've analyzed this a bit and it seems that it's a bad alignment from the crank's thread (trialtechs) + the bashring (jaf half bash ring) and the freewheel (echo SL)

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