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Saving a wip from the skip


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I'm about 1/4 way through roughing up the area to be repaired, there is a crack around the bottom of the seatpost and it turns out to be quite a tricky area to fix..


I'm thinking maybe wrap the tape around the bb area then try and support the bit where the downtube and seatpost meet, and just wrap it really tight?

After a recent mishap I have realised that the carbon tape is so strong it will crack the rest of the frame, so I wanna try and keep most of the wrap tightly around the join I think.

Do you think it wlil work? wish me luck.

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Well after scratching the shizer out of it with a file..



I wrapped the tape around the join as practiced, it came out a bit messier than I had hoped but the main thing is that it holds..



I'm going to build this up tomorrow, it does ride nice and the rest of the frame is really quite good.

Excited to ride my old frame again woohoo! any (educated) bets on how long it'll last?

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Alright, a gusset or two sounds like a good idea. I'm going to copy the style of gusset already on the headtube/downtube join and get them welded on by a different welder. Got a rough idea where to put them but never done this sort of thing before.

This is after cutting off that bodge first obviously, I will be interested to see how well it's stuck after a few rides.


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