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Want a cheap smartphone, what's good?


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Nokia lumia if you want to avoid any bandwagon.

Haha hipster choices? The lumia's are popular in my class.

Like the layout of HTC and love the camera on mine so just going to go for a straight upgrade to a htc one x I think :)

Unless the one S is better?

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Another vote for the moto g, I picked one up after I killed my s3 for the final time. I've had it for about a month now and am very impressed, nice and fast, decent speakers and screen. Camera isn't too bad either. For £109, you can't go wrong really.


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Should of plumped for the Moto G, had one since release and it's a monster for £120. Quad core, and a better screen that the iPhone 5s. And as it's cheap not afraid to chuck it about. Also water resistant.

Not a fan of that operating system though :/

Yeah done it twice no problems

Did you print off the template thing? x

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