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What's better? Anodising or Powder coating?


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Hi Guys,

This has probably been asked before but I couldn't find a thread that has :P What is a better way to paint my frame? I've already can sprayed it black and I used lots of layers but it's already flaking off. I cant be bothered can spraying it again so I was wondering what would be better out of anodising or Powder coating? I want it to last a long time and be fairly resistant to scratches if that can be achieved?

Thanks in advance, Matt :deej:

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Anodising shows up all the imperfections whereas a good powder will pretty much cover all the scratches and scuffs you have.

Anodising will be cheaper though bare in mind the second you scratch it it'll be shiny silver showing through unlike powder coat which should take a bit of abuse before you reach the frame!

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