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Ogwen After The Indoor


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I managed to get all of it, dont have sound here at uni though...

Anyway, sweet riding - the rocks were pretty tricky that day (Y)

Small thing about the vid - i think it would flow better if you faded between clips rather than fading out to black and then back in again. It'd also mean the clips take up less time (so better file size for same quality, or better quality for same file size). Might be worth working out how you can do that... what editing software are you using?

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When watching that on full screen, the fading to black and then fading in made me feel way tired (Y)

It was an OK video. It wasn't particularly inspiring or whatever, but... I didn't delete it, which is something I suppose.

Are there any vids from the indoor, or just pics?

And what is James Hyland up to these days?

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I agree about the fading, I'll try some thing different next time. The other riders stayed by the river crossing, but we found some larger boulders down by the bridge, its a big place and we all got spread out. I tried not to cover the same line twice so I'm not sure why "fairy" finds it repetitive, natural is never repetitive as its almost impossible to ride exactly the same line twice. I plan to get back there for training, its a great place, the rocks are quite slippy so it keeps you sharpe.

James has started his training for the 2005, as you can see in the video he was with me and Fletch. James may decide to use the footage to make a 20" version.

As soon as we get some sun I'll get some more filming done. I'm looking forward to having a ride with Gilles now he's back with KOXX so there could be some footage of him soon.

We will all be together for the week at KOXX DAYS and will make DVD there with the help of our friends from VIDMATT.


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