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both feel nice and lock the wheel so i'd go for the avid.

and, theres a very annoying thing about the design of the Hope trials lever too, you hit your legs (thighs... sp?) on a small knob with one of the bolts that hold it to the bars. which leads to pain and big nasty bruises ;)

ok, theres 2 bolts which allows you to remove the lever without taking off the grips, but they obviously didn't think of that trials riders hit their legs in the bars when gapping etc

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Avid anytime :lol:

Cheaper...more reliable...more powerful

can you explain that one please?

i found my avid (caliper) stuck out too much (more than any other discs) and i ended up denting the caliper so the red dial wouldnt work ;) .

was powerful though and had very nice lever feel. but the pads did glaz over with the slightest amount of heat which was quite annoying as it just didnt want to grab for a bit.

i havent tried the hope trial so i cant say but i think i will be getting one soon as others like them a lot and the ones i have felt have been nice.

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ive tried two mono trials. One was on a mod, felt very nice, good power blah blah. Other was on a stock, and it was mushy, slippy and generally shit feeling..

i have been using my avid for a few months now, and can say that i'm quite impressed by it. can't say i've noticed it fading, but then again, i don't do speed on the trials bike. it was cheap, and works better than my XTR vee brake did, so i'm happy with it.

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had a avid 160 on a xtr lever-felt wicked-really powerful and only started slipping due to the pork pies ive been eating :">

now got 185 on an ultimate lever with nokon cable-fooook me its lush, smooth as you like, bloomin powerful with very nice modulation (more modulaton than my hydro hopes) and a great amount of bite, i love it (Y)

i havent really had enough experience to comment on the mono trial, although i was impressed when i used one-it was still breaking in though so im guessing they must be equally as good if not better

o and defo get at least a 185 rotor, even if ur light (Y)

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this thread is annoying me....

tell me if im wrong.... please do

but my avid was utterly shite from day 1

i CAN honestly say that the power was quite frankly incredible, ive never had such a powerful and grabby disc brake, and i loved that power with all my hear and soul....

but, fromt brand new, it faded terribly!!!! it was so bad to the point that i couldnt ride down hills at all, locking up it was perfect, but the slightest hint of a downhill slope and the need to slow down had it packing!!!!

literally, if i rode down a shallow gradient hill for about 100 yards and attempted to stop, that would be all my bite and power gone for at least 20minutes (Y):S:S

this has been the same with every avid ive used, the fade is just terrible :D surely it must be the pad compound...

yet bigmans did it with aztec pads as well as avids :D:S:S

lame lame lame.

ive ridden a 160mono trial and it was really VERY good, and bigmans 180 mono trial.... well

need i say more?

180 mono trial does it for me (Y) all the power and bite of the avid, with the added bonus of being able to slow down!

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I founf my avid was the best brake I have ever used for down hill duties, it never faded at all and you should see how steep the hill are around here!!

Maybe it depends how you bed them in, I did mine by going to the longest steepest hill I could find and just riding down it, by the time I got to the bottom the brake was awesome. I do use a hope floating disk too, maybe that ressists heat more than normal rotors.

I had a mono trial, it seemed cool, but while at a comp on sunday I rode down a VERY small hill and all the power went! It would grap or lock, even with two fingers, all it did was make the worst noise in the world. I dont know it was because that pads glased or maybe it had a leak but I wasnt a happy chappy.

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