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''selling'' - Questions


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No, getting validated is fine if you write sensible stuff. There seems to be a band of idiots (dannypro or whatever is name is, and his mate) who I'm sure must have 'IDIOT' branded on their foreheads as they persist in attaching pointless one line replies like 'My mate had that frame LOL' to all the threads in NMC in the hope of getting validated.

Jesus Christ.

And what's with all these animals in people's signatures? Not that they're a bad thing. Can I invent one of my own?

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Does advertising a 'swap' qualify as a 'forsale' deal? Thus not being allowed in this section also?

• For Sale/Wanted/Swap threads are not allowed in New Members Chat

jesus is it really that difficult to read, i was going to have a look through your last few posts and see about validating you but you just earned an extended stay in NMC.

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Mods and seniors have there own hiddern section on the forum in which only they can veiw and contribute to they can, "advise" for the Mods to validate you, think i got validated by JUST READING THE GUIDELINES,

if you really want to sell put as MSN name, Put on E-Bay with reserve or sell in between your friends, (can do most things maybe not frames)

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i give up this is pathetic i'll use a different forum

In all fairness this is not a pathetic forum, i think the validation process is a well thought up design. I mean look at it this way. If trials forum let everyone who registered straight into the members chat then the place would be full of crap, and people just messing about. we have all seen our fair share of idiots on this site who just sign up to take the piss and if everyone like that got through then the forum would go to pot


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sorry to be a pain people but how do you know when you have been validated......do they send you and e-mail or somthing?

When you post you'll notice your name has changed to black, and that your group has changed to member (Y)

Oh and the validation system has been tested thoroughly in the past, and it keeps the main section clear from spam and shite posts.


P.S welcome to the main section Dr Greenthumb (Y)

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