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why may it be the end please someone tell me lol.

craigs got a lot on uni/gf etc....itl not be the last...me and the rest of us will sort that lol(you no you wont leave us fat boy)(Y) ...hes too good a rider and a gd mate (Y)

craig i nearly f**kin cried watching that lol as gay as it sounds but ive seen you go from 03 monty to todays stuff and to see it wraped up like that was good but at same time sad...lot o memorys (Y)

but comenting on the vid its self its ace mate not wat ive expected though because i no this wasnt your first edit from the footage you had at all i expectin big fast and loud lol.

well done pal.and your time hasnt gone if i hear you say that ill slap shit out of ye lol

christof (Y)

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"It may be the last vid" :

: I cant believe it : .........

the people will cry when watch the vid......... : .........

I never hope that you go of the trial ..... you are the inspiration of all '' streeters ''!


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