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Playstation 3


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Anyone on here getting a Playstation 3 or already has one on order? They are all sold out in japan, and unless you wanna wait until march it looks like ebays your best bet!


Looks like we are in for a repeat of the xbox360 on ebay... :lol: I think il give ebay a miss until march >_<

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look at the dudes receipt, if it says 28,000yen, then it only cost him £124

nevermind he says he bought 7 a the same time, so i'm guessing that says 528000, however i think one still works out at about £190.

anyway, anyone who pays more than £400 for one of those is a retard, and actually deserves to go to jail for dangerous money spending.

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Waste of time. Its got a blu-ray reader, more than likely to be another attempted and failed format, like Minidiscs. It costs way too much money to be considered 'sucessful'.

Anyways, also a waste of money. PC's are the frontier of games, and people forget that. For half the price of the PS3 you could buy a graphics card for your PC which would piss all over the PS3.

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Complete retards i wouldnt pay the £400 they are ruughly going to be when they come out here. Let alone that price.

Games consoles are boring i can sit and play 1 for more than 2 mins.

Thats probably why i dont own 1. wast of money full stop

there really are some sad twats out there ...

who gives a shit if you have to wait afew months .... what a tosser who paid that much

anyone who pays more than it would cost in march is a total deadhead in my view

Even better wait a year and the price will drop by miles :-

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