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Heavy Metal,screamo Emos, Thrash, Hard/heavy Rock


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in the past month or so ive been buying a lot of CD's, i just want a collection, if anyone has any bands to recommend or discuss, please do, or any latest crazes, have an argument on whos better if you wish so, none o that rap n R n B malarky

as in, trivium (although ascendancy is much better than the crusade)

atreyu albums? as i lay dying?

more machine head

killswitch engage - only have 'as daylight dies'

etc and so fourth

please discuss and give me ideas lol

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In Flames: Come Clarity, Soundtrack to your escape, Reroute to Remain - All good albums.

Any Killswitch album, in your case, the self titled album, alive or just breathing and end of heartache (Off the top of my head.)

Lamb Of god - All the albums again. Or Killadelphia which is the live album.

Threat Signal - Under Reprisal

Still Remains - Of Love and Lunacy


All those are heavy metal, left out the death metal, not sure if you want any of that.

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new "lamb of god" album - sacrament! fukin hell this album is probably the best metal album out at the moment bar none! its SO AMAZING and comes with a free dvd :o

inflames albums are also good.

also.. Scarlet - THIS WAS ALWAYS MENT TO FALL APART is really f**king goood too.

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- Every In Flames album

- Every Lordi album

- Soilwork: stabbing the drama, Natural born chaos

- every Avenged Sevenfold album

Emo screamoish

- Bullet for my valentine: the poison

- Story of the year: in the wake of determination

- Trivium: ascendency

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yessss bullet for my valentine..i think i listen the the album 'the poison' everyday lol

i used to aswell, till i started listening to some proper music again, like in flames:P

i still listen to it sometimes, but it just sounds alot crappier now

listen to some in flames and you might understand what i mean :P

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if you want good screamo and emo


Pg 99-Document 5

yaphet kotto-thee killer was in the government blanket

Swing kids-discography

a few bands that arnt traditional hardcore bands but they are slightly more metal influnece

First blood-s/t

Death before dishonor-freinds family forever

Casey jones-the few,the proud,the crucial

Botch-an anthology of death ends

some good tradiotional emotionaly driven hardcore punk(emo)

Fugazi-13 songs

Mohinder -discography

Moss Icon-Lyburnum

Rites of spring-end on end

just a few sudgestions


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Some bands I'm pretty fond of at the mo;


Lamb of God.

In Flames,

Children of Bodom,

The Haunted,

Bleeding Through,

All That Remains,

Devil Townsend Band,


and random one; Thrice.

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arch enemy


and finally, my favourite band at the moment.......

American Head Charge. both their albums (War of Art, and The Feeding) that i have are absolutely fantastic, no track skipping, just constant listening pleasure.

don't really like emo screamy stuff, and not really got into atreyu, trivium, etc. though my mate is constantly raving about em

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Im off to see these two at the leeds met. Quality bands (Y) .

since when? are 36crazyfists supporting rise agasint? im not into rise against so i wouldnt have noticed 36CF supporting

36CF are playing leeds cockpit on the 12th of april anyways, got my ticket yesterday :D

with my DEFTONES!!!!! ticket for the 9th of march :D

and as for metal bands, i dont think sikth have been mentioned? amazing britsh band

cheak out Hed PE too

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