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Would I Be Right In Saying I Have The Stiffest Gear Ratio Ever!?


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Everyone finds my gear really stiff and just done a search and found loads of people have it well easy....

My theory was - surely it you could get used to a stiff gear you could go bigger, more power. I can sidehop bigger, tap higher etc.

Although for comps i do use 18:15 because the extra torque helps on those muddy slopes.

I always wondered why people could get such small run ups.

Just interesting really....so....anyone the same as me

retarded :$


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nope i run 22/17 which is a slightly higher ratio unless im being a tard? :unsure:

I ran that for years and years, it was the original choice i think.

Im 20 /15 now but with ickler wheels.

Just use this


set the gear units to inches,,,thats how far u will travel given your wheel size and gearing,

But at the end of the day u need to try some different ones to see what feels best , then use the above calculator for informed tweaks.

Im going 32 inches per crank rev.

steve-o your going 31.1 ish( cant tell for sure , dont know your crank lenght and actual tire diameter).

Based on that i wouldnt say that your gear is that hard to pedal at all.

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