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  1. Looks better. Are those seat covers original? Worth repairing rather than replacing? The carpet looks a bit ming but keep the rest as is if you can.
  2. Could have hoovered it
  3. Just stick this in the back. Sorted.
  4. Are they literally just switches for some solenoids? I.e. air in/out each bag? I guess the digital controllers set the pressure in each bag to the same?
  5. Just don't leave the chinese ones unattended while charging. The chargers/batteries are known to be a bit on the dodgy side. Example: http://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/psa-warning-lights-bought-off-ebay-batteries-exploding
  6. Surely the recovery company should pay for any damage they caused not your insurance?
  7. Given up trying to find a better one?
  8. Nothing in particular really. Ive just seen looms you can buy with it done and it looks really pro.
  9. Yeah it aint cheap. I just found a machine for £60 though. https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Stationery-Office-Supplies/Dymo-18051-RhinoPRO-Heat-Shrink-Cassette/B000AN9I7I
  10. Does anyone know where you can buy printed heat shrink tubing? I.e. to label wiring? I can't seem to find anywhere that does them. I'm tempted to buy a machine to do it ~£150 and flog them on ebay.
  11. Much better Tombo
  12. And they had all that in stock? I guess it’s the same as some other ford? Does it need much doing top side other than the wing?
  13. Could that have been caused by the driveshaft issues you had @dann2707
  14. 27p
  15. You have a big silly v8 and air ride and you've not posted a video yet? Sort it out.