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  1. Scrap it?
  2. I watched it. It was good. Top gear is also good now. Double win.
  3. They got rid of the dead celebrity / coversation street shite?
  4. Top work Dan. Could that intercooler pipe be run any better? It would look so much cleaner with it going round the head rather than straight over the top. Is she all legal to drive?
  5. Who did you use out of interest?
  6. That first red Porsche must have had all its driver aids turned off. I doubt it would lock up and spin like that normally.
  7. Another view:
  8. AvE is awesome. If you like makey stuff... Thisoldtony - https://www.youtube.com/user/featony
  9. Glad to hear that coming from npower too.
  10. I think you mean the red/maroon one that got rear ended by the sideways TT? The TT driver got airlifted to hospital. The TT looks ok but a sideways impact like that
  11. I know a few of you saw the video on facebook. Here's the aftermath: https://drivetribe.com/p/watch-as-the-nurburgring-descends-FK8XBOHbTU6bzxTw6zuiLQ?iid=UX4aqIrORHyUdZ9ublFiDA&utm_campaign=main+&utm_medium=fb&utm_source=organic
  12. I just switched too
  13. Why was the engine out dan? To swap the gearbox?
  14. I currently pay £117 p/m with npower (bunch of idiots) thats on a 3 bed detached bungalow with the wife home most days so pretty heavy usage. Unfortunately i'm stuck with npower until January (due to their inability to setup a direct debit in the past) but i'm looking to jump ship then.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/user/microboyd His quick learn videos are fairly amusing.