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  1. You got a link @Ross McArthur? it seems to be working ok for me.
  2. +1 literally just a fashion accessory.
  3. Does going to bed later make any difference? Makes me laugh when people moan they wake up at 5 and go to bed at 10. No shit. You’ve had 7 hours sleep.
  4. If you are reading this then you should be on the new server! Yay. Some of the uploads might be missing but they are still copying across (all 90gb worth).
  5. A server move is under way and things will be switched over tonight/tomorrow. Regarding the pot its doing ok. The banners cover any expenses so no one is out of pocket but thanks for the kind offer.
  6. What ever happened to Danny Holroyd? And Martin Hawes even. Ashton and Ackrigg seem to be the only two that are still big players.
  7. Today’s downtime was caused by our database going belly up. I’ve had to restore a backup so unfortunately we’ve lost a few hours of posts. I suspect we may have a failing hard disk so a server move might be on the cards over the next few days. Cheers
  8. The other half is 1184 pages. I could probably merge them back together now.
  9. So the projector has a flap/solenoid to switch it between low/high beam? On your car does low beam go out when you switch to high beam or do they stay on? Sounds like you'd need to power the HID with the low beam 12v/ground and then power the solenoid/flap with the high beam 12v.
  10. Nothing too crazy. Ditching the servo then? I'm really not convinced mine works.
  11. You always wanted to paint it a pale blue colour didn’t you? Get it back in one piece and get it on the road for summer. Then take it apart again and let it sit for 6 years over winter
  12. What state is it in? Why was it you took it apart in the first place?
  13. That’s like a 5 year old pic right?
  14. Wait what @Tom Booth?
  15. I saw some pics of it at bingley hall and the front panel had some rust on it. They wanted 11k for it.