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  1. Report back in the middle of summer
  2. It’s had 7.9” 4 pots for years now so the wheels went straight on. The wheels need refurbing. I got them second hand and the laquer is doing what they all do. Tempted to get some force racing ones if I can find the funds.
  3. So I thought id post an update of whats been going on with the mini the past few months. Heres a picture before: I decided it was time for 10 inch wheels which also meant new arches, new arches meant welding up the old arch holes, welding up the old arch holes meant repainting most the car… you get the idea. There were also a few paintwork issues on the frontend that needed sorting out as well as a small amount of rust on the bumper lip so that was replaced, oh and a door skin required.. Started stripping things off, couldn’t go too mad as I had to drive it to my dads unit. Paint blister on the rear quarter The front panel mess. More on that later. The mess under the giant blister on the front panel. It looks like when fitting the grille I managed to crack the paint, a few years later water has got in a few places and 2 layers of primer had separated. Luckily the rust was just surface rust. Old bumper lip removed, sand blasted underneath and new lip fitted. Old dead door skin Rest of the front panel cleaned up Arch holes welded up (new arch holes in pic), side repeaters removed, all primered up. Same story at the back. About to get painted. Painted and home Reassembly Done Unfortunately I don’t have any pics of just how much work the arches took. They started out life like this: And had the outer lips removed, but they fit like crap so had lots of modification on the inside edge, which left the screw recesses paper thin so they had to be reinforced with more fibreglass. Probably 1-2 weeks work all in all.
  4. There was absolutely no need for that pump bracket to be that complicated. But yeah awesome non the less.
  5. Ive done it a few times. It’s awesome.
  6. Get it back and take it where you usually go? Have you seen any pics of the work yet?
  7. I’ve done the hosepipe thing before (a standard hose pipe fits inside mini heater hose perfect). I guess I’ll just give it another good flush.
  8. @Tom Booth any experience with rad flush style things in your mini / old cast iron engines? The coolant in the mini has always been pretty ming even after flushing it through multiple times. If the cars been sat a week or so its clear as a bell so it must just be sediment in the water.
  9. But will it make it home? Tune in next time for another exciting episode of fairlane roulette.
  10. @Tom Booth
  11. You must have been blocked because i can't see your post.
  12. Pretty emotional. Just proves what you can do with a few good mates.
  13. What happened to keeping it standard? lol.