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  1. Is anyone near Bristol available to help @MadManMike achieve engine in a lift?
  2. Is anyone near Bristol available to help @MadManMike achieve engine in a lift?
  3. Ive had 2 gaz dampers fail on my mini. They probably don't make them for your car but i'll be getting Protech's when they die again.
  4. So I saw on faceballs. Congrats dude.
  5. Thanks chaps
  6. I'm gonna order a pair of Five Ten freeriders and was wondering how people have found the sizing? Is it about right or should i go a size bigger/smaller than my normal shoe size?
  7. <SNIP> I deleted a bunch of posts. Only helpful replies people.
  8. That looks errr knackered hah. Is stuff like the broken 'rock-ola' banner at the top easy to get replacements for? I bet you could fairly easily replace all the internals with a raspberry pi or something.
  9. Now you gotta find a box to go with it? How does it actually communicate with the main jukebox? Must be some mega simple electronics for its age.
  10. I saw that on your Facebook Mike. Tis a nice old girl.
  11. The video suggested the brass keys come in various sizes. I wonder if they choose the 'best fit' when assembling them. http://www.peterverdone.com/the-mystery-of-the-reverb-brass-keys/
  12. So does that sit on top of a jukebox or somewhere else like an old skool remote control?
  13. Not really much help but if you complain to amazon they will just refund you the shipping no problem.
  14. I just watched that service video... wow those things are complicated for such a simple device. What does IFP actually stand for?
  15. A couple of times a week I guess mostly commuting with the odd weekend play in the woods. If its pissing it down I just drive to work but you can't always predict the weather for the ride home.