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  1. Insect repellent?
  2. Well I can’t see it doing anything structural. I guess it’s there to divert any water that may get down there?
  3. FYI @MadManMike your going to be invaded by thousands of minis next year - https://imm2019.co.uk/
  4. That poor block paving though..
  5. I put beer bottles in my recycle bin, nice bin man threw them all on my front lawn. So yeah er cars are cool right?
  6. Short and sweet, nice and flowey.
  7. I was trying to work out with someone at work whats left to do on binky. I think that episode marks most of the interior fabrication work as done, boot/fuel system done, doors done, suspension done, frontend done, rads done. But with those guys you never know as they go off on a tangent spending 6 months on a hvac system. Inlet/Exhaust next?
  8. Never seen gone in 60 seconds?
  9. So that wire was the only thing between the battery negative and earth?
  10. With routers do you end up spending a fortune in bits?
  11. Only one you need https://www.facebook.com/trialsforum/
  12. Looks interesting. Whats going on with the kegs?
  13. Thats Tom. Compressor isn't an issue you got a link to your ebay special? Also what media do you use?
  14. Any of you workshoppy people got any experience with something like this: Ive had good success with another sandblaster i've got but thats not in a cabinet so makes a massive mess and is a grim experience. It's to do suspension components and what not.