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  1. Fire at Latimer Road in London looks pretty horrific, people were jumping out of windows, videos on Twitter of children screaming for help... And all because of the landlords apparently. Just seen that residents have been warning about fire hazards since 2013, so after all that London's biggest disaster for the past few years for landlords and not ISIS. I ride my bike outside that building most weeks, a few weeks ago there was some kid in a window yelling for me to do a back flip and clapping when I finally got up a wall - hope he got out all right.
  2. Had a few rides this past week that have left me buzzing about trials again, maybe the one good thing about being injured over and over is that riding is just for fun rather than improving or 'training'. And the decent thing about London is there's a tonne of these outdoor gym things which have low balance beams and they're my favourite thing to ride. Trials is fun basically.
  3. Who isn't? The riding's great and all that but I was mostly thinking 'this looks like a nice place to be' through out.
  4. That hair length is an accident waiting to happen, if you could film this predicted accident too I'd appreciate it.
  5. First video I've seen in a while that I've rewatched a few times - 5/5
  6. Probably better places to ask, this is push bike forum
  7. I'm going to say that unless you can strap your iphone on your helmet, film under water or all that it's not replacing a Go Pro. It looks all right but I think it's misleading claim.
  8. Well it doesn't replace a GoPro so that was a waste of twenty seconds.
  9. That was well done, nice length and focusing on the riding was a good move - this is the kind of video I think Jack Carthy should be making.
  10. That was sick as
  11. Sweet, that was some controlled stuff on those train tracks
  12. I know! Thought out, offered ideas for improvements based on years of experience in the trials world and came across as constructive rather than just being a pain - who does he think he is? Typical bloody Ali C!
  13. I feel like a massive wimp now I get it from my mum, everytime I took a yogurt out of the fridge growing up she'd make me check the sell by date. Guess there's worse habits to have...
  14. Caution is my friend - ate them and am fine so far, thank you once again TFers for the reassurance. Fingers crossed.
  15. I want to be on the safe side here, the situation is I bought two microwaveable curry meals with chicken in from Tescos at approx 5:50pm this evening. I got home and went for a ride, forgetting to have put them in the fridge can you believe it! Got back at exactly 9:02pm and realised they'd been in my satchel for all that time so I rushed to get them in a fridge and they're still in it now. So the chicken's cooked and covered in various sauces - are they safe to eat having been un-refrigerated all that time? Need help urgently, I am very hungry and would like to eat them, but only with a sound mind.