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  1. A Royale with Curb?
  2. Yep, that's a curb. Good question regarding same spots, I'm going to declare that different curbs can be used in different locations as long as the other rules are adhered to, hopefully someone can put a cool spin on that...
  3. But alliterata... Height is an 8" limit - original post edited.
  4. I use a pair of 661 shin pads which I find pretty comfortable, as long as you're not wearing the skinniest of jeans they'll slip under fairly easily. I tried knee pads for a while but I'm a sweaty creature so stopped using them, never fell on my knees anyway.
  5. Thanks for this, the day they got rid of the back two pages for trials was a hard one for me.
  6. With spring on the horizon I’m thinking it’s time for another Curb Comp so here we are. Rules and prize info are below but you can find the final deadline right here – Sunday 3rd June. That’s plenty of time to get out for a few hours, apply for funding and dust off whatever bikes are in sheds. No extensions will occur unless the UK is victim to a natural disaster prior to the deadline. Any entries (because there better be some) should be posted inside of this topic, preferably Youtube or Vimeo but as long as the video can be streamed online it’s cool. Winner will be decided by public poll, although with hidden votes. Said poll will be created on the day of the deadline and be open for one week only, and the entry with the most votes will be declared the winner and receive the grand prize. Rules - Curbs, 8” height limit - Any length of curb can be used - Curbs can be used in conjunction with other curbs, as long as they’re all less than 8” from the ground go for it. - Curbs don't have to be at the same spot. If you want to use a curb in France in one clip and one i Canada the next feel free. - No time limit length – whatever you think makes it a good curb video - One rider per video - entrants don't need to be trials forum members per say however links must be submitted to this thread - Video footage must belong to the person entering the competition, no plagiarism - Objects not fixed to the ground may be used e.g. water bottle, skateboard. Pretty lenient here but if it’s questionable PM if you don’t want to give anything away. Having said that, no hop over bars - Only trials bikes to be used. No BMXs, fixies, or anything that isn’t a trials bike. Any wheel size though. And don’t get clever and start going ‘but what really is a trials bike?’ or I will disqualify the hell out of you - Any rule broken = video is disqualified - Songs and editing can be whatever, as long as it complies with the above rules - National and international welcome - Bikeperson45 is the sole referee and anything he says/types is final. Back chat and bribery will not be tolerated Prize = A £20 Tarty voucher and a Curb Comp winner t-shirt so you can rub your victory in the face of all your riding buddies and/or Instagram followers Once again deadline is midnight Sunday 3rd June 2018, good luck people.
  7. So good to see an edit and it's a bloody good one too. Probably my favourite style, streety but without the trick checklist. That fakie out of the 180 at 1:09 though, that's your improve for next time
  8. After a lot of faffing I'll finally be moving away from my parents again and back in London. Sunday night I'll be in the new place and I'm feeling like it's the 23rd December 15 years ago. Really though I'm just happy my waiting around paid off, I was holding out on finding a big room in a central-ish location that wasn't more than £700 a month which was starting to feel impossible, I must have viewed about 40 rooms the past two years... Looks like it did pay off though. In other news, I've stuck the music I've been recording the past year on Spotify which is purely vanity publishing but it's really cool seeing it on there. I am curious to see if I ever break the 10 plays number
  9. Perfect is being able to scoop a snowball in one fluid and deadly motion, this is far from perfect.
  10. Scrolling through youtube videos and ended up on a 'Danny Macaskill' video from a demo. It was actually good ol' @Ali C and I thought 'I'm not having this', went to comment to say so but Ali C's girlfriend beat me to it. Either she's getting paid for social media assistance or that's a relationship goal
  11. Assuming that means it's your birthday rather than a spur of the moment fact so happy birthday I'll be ten years here in April, I'd be both curious and hesitant to get a word count on that amount of time...
  12. I'd suggest waiting until the new Hex comes out, see how you get on and then when you quit you can sell it to me for half the price
  13. Well being skint isn't very sensible, is it?
  14. Found the flawed thinking - looks like you're problem is that you clearly want to be more and are in a little bit of denial. I'd recommend taking the risk and saying something, you'll be doomed to over thinking otherwise and especially if you're looking for hints from her.
  15. My two cents: My mum bought me scar healing cream and I remember being insulted at the time because I hadn't thought the scar was anything to horrible that needed reducing.