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  1. I can only speak for Inspired because I personally find the Element frame I ride to be top notch, not flexy at all and the geometry's very comfortable for me but that's 26" so not that relevant for you They are strong though, very rarely hear of them being cracked. And buying used is fine as long as you know what to look out for. They're all probably going to be pretty decent though and have good brakes so being a beginner you'll most likely love whichever you get.
  2. Just go for whatever you're feeling that day - practising certain things is good but when I started I got hung up on certain things that stopped me enjoying it as much. Curbs are great, you can just about get the jist of most techniques down on them and the better you get the more creative you can get to, but sticking to bunny hops, pedal ups, sidehops and spins should definitely be enough to keep you going - and train tracks are fun, little bit limiting on what techniques you can practise though. Check out Ryan Leech's 'Mastering The Art of Trials' clips on youtube, read the stuff on and do whatever else floats your boat.
  3. Fair play though -
  4. I'd normally agree but it's all about the context the video makes of him being in a rush, ditching his car and going to a volleyball game, and jumping into a river and climbing back out again won't help with that at all. Same reason the idea of him pulling over for a nap doesn't work. It was a massive huck down those steps so I would have included it, I'd have framed it so that it was necessary and he swims to the other side of the river, or just go for some classic slapstick and a beep as he realises he can't slow down in time and goes crashing in - at least those ideas would work with the story the videos given itself. Like I said, if it's just a riding showcase thing then cool, but if you're going to try and give it a 'story' at least stick to it.
  5. Aye, I didn't get the horse bit at all. Other things that annoyed me were the horse like gum chewing, the can that we hear hit the floor before the shot of it going into the bin and the jumping into water for no purpose. Riding's good but now it's been brought up I would like to see some more April 09 style videos that are just amazing showcases of great riding - or the follow up video where he's kicked out of the stadium by security, fined for littering and also fined for leaving a van in moving traffic.
  6. I was actually listening to Collision Course when I heard... Couldn't believe it.
  7. Yep, stop bike blaming and get practising
  8. New place to live almost sorted and the room's twice the size of what I have now so I'm excited about wanting to be in my bedroom for a change. Edit - Lost the f**king room because people are dicks.
  9. Agency broke my bike when entering my room so I rage quit on them and am looking for a place to live again, ripped my shin up on my pedal so haven't rode for a few weeks now, trip to girlfriend's family went pretty shitty so that's five days of annual leave gone, job hasn't been going great at all and got ripped off my a campsite pretty good after organising a Scout camp because I made a typo... And then I get a phone call from the bone marrow charity I'm a donor for to let me know that they wouldn't be needing me after all. Who ever it was with all the cancer wasn't able to shake the infection they had in time to be okay to receive the transplant - so there was someone out there who thought they were set, found a match and then BAM - infection and that's it for them. So perspective is the point of this story.
  10. Toes are worst. I got my toe stuck between the frame and wheel foot jamming and was walking stupid for a few weeks at least... Non-leg injurys all the way
  11. Schweet video - Offspring always have that good ol' days feel now
  12. Fire at Latimer Road in London looks pretty horrific, people were jumping out of windows, videos on Twitter of children screaming for help... And all because of the landlords apparently. Just seen that residents have been warning about fire hazards since 2013, so after all that London's biggest disaster for the past few years for landlords and not ISIS. I ride my bike outside that building most weeks, a few weeks ago there was some kid in a window yelling for me to do a back flip and clapping when I finally got up a wall - hope he got out all right.
  13. Had a few rides this past week that have left me buzzing about trials again, maybe the one good thing about being injured over and over is that riding is just for fun rather than improving or 'training'. And the decent thing about London is there's a tonne of these outdoor gym things which have low balance beams and they're my favourite thing to ride. Trials is fun basically.
  14. Who isn't? The riding's great and all that but I was mostly thinking 'this looks like a nice place to be' through out.