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  1. Awesome, that's the video I've wanted for a while now. I'm not a huge barspin fan but I've been itching to learn a 'trick' so time to go to the local carpark.
  2. Some nice hopping - afraid to say my favourite part was the kid laughing at that back slam at the end
  3. Whoops, carry on then
  4. A non-tripod trials video? I thought those days were over Nice riding and filming, could have easily watched that a few minutes longer.
  5. You're excluding Stacey and I'm not sure why
  6. I commented on the article criticising that the writer was calling it BMX and how one sided it is and my comment's been removed Headline changed to jump bike instead of BMX though so at least he read it.
  7. Highlights for me are the UCI Trials License and whoever's taking the opportunity to post their bike for sale, that makes me happy.
  8. Nice style, will keep an eye out for an edit. Also, why is no one making trials edits anymore, huh?
  9. Sigur Ros at the Hammersmith Apollo last night, a sunny ride today and sitting at home with a pizza - it's all I want.
  10. Nice video, good to see a group ride video again That gap over the rail at 2:50 gave me the heebie geebies, had no idea he was going over.
  11. Wanted a few clips so I could test out my new wee camera and got enough for a 30% assed video
  12. You got my hopes up thinking a new trailer had come out there. My friends consider one of my lows being going to see Pitch Perfect 2 by myself because they weren't interested. What they don't know is I walked out and straight to Mcdonalds to download the soundtrack on their wifi for the train home. Great little day that one.
  13. Just joking there, still more common than it should be. It's scary to think how easy it is for a claim like that to ruin a life though, was good to see that scummy woman in the news last week being held accountable for all of her false claims. Sorry to hear that, that's always a major gut punch at a minimum - hope you're doing all right.
  14. You're saying you've never been accused of rape before? Sounds like you've been in a healthy relationship
  15. I'm probably biased due to going out with a big camping bag and expecting to learn manuals within the day though... I was an optimistic 14 year old after all. It was probably a year or so before I actually felt alright at them.