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  1. Well being skint isn't very sensible, is it?
  2. Found the flawed thinking - looks like you're problem is that you clearly want to be more and are in a little bit of denial. I'd recommend taking the risk and saying something, you'll be doomed to over thinking otherwise and especially if you're looking for hints from her.
  3. My two cents: My mum bought me scar healing cream and I remember being insulted at the time because I hadn't thought the scar was anything to horrible that needed reducing.
  4. Nice, I might start specifically looking up brutalist architecture to find spots like those.
  5. Work situation is pissing me off still even though it happened 1 December... It's a petty thing but the thing I took issue with was there was an event I did a tonne of work on but when the day came a woman who joined the team working on it was thanked in front of everyone and given a bottle of champagne. I don't resent her for it but it really gets to me how so much of my time and effort was seemingly ignored because of that when I started working on the even in February last year and she joined in late October - and the work she did do was effectively repeating the work I had already done. One of those awkward positioning things because she works closely with the head honchos of the company where as I'm quite a few levels below that... Actually I do resent her because she had every opportunity to credit other people but she went with 'your welcome'. I had done pretty well at letting it go, trying to be wise I thought it wasn't worth the hassle and lesson learned and all that but now there's a debrief meeting and I'm thinking how to word things in a way that isn't me juvenilely yelling 'She got a bottle and I didn't'. And the thing that bothers me the most is that I'm letting this bother me, if I could pay to have an ignore button inserted on the side of my skull I'd probably get it.
  6. Wooo! Great riding, I'm not a massive bar spin fan but I wouldn't mind being able to do those little pedal kick ones.
  7. I've felt like I was the last rider on a 26" street bike - hoping there not £1500 plus...
  8. Ah no way, was not expecting a yes. I'm a little iffy on her new album but Ten Love Songs is one of my favourite albums, went to see her last year and she was great so have fun.
  9. If it's Susan Sundfor I'll like your post
  10. Best part of Prague is that skate spot up by the giant metronome thing, one of my favourite places I've been to. Don't even know if it has an official name.
  11. My one criticism is the angles, only on the basis that Flipp ends up out of frame in most shots. I end up watching the bike mostly which almost makes the riding less impressive - it doesn't but I do think a well filmed edit could make the riding look a tonne better. But the pain of tripod filming isn't lost on me...
  12. I think there's as much as five riding clips in this!
  13. If you could bring the wall forward you'd be onto a winner
  14. One minute video for a single move and a bonus click bait title? Seems excessive for what it is.
  15. I'd rob more vans if I knew they had that much in there