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  1. Lycra_Is_Gay
  2. Black spot= dirt on lens i wanted to write something very personal and meaningful, but without exposing it to the world with a quick glance, so thought ASCII encoding would be the best. Which actually shows how big of a nerd am i. It heals nicely, I love it
  3. Got my first tattoo on Friday and it is healing really well! I should have gotten one earlier
  4. all of them Every episode has a great message in them
  5. also I have seen a video of @Ross McArthur giving a nut job to a guy on Facebook with his bike, made my day
  6. House is in great condition finally, needs some bits and bobs, but it will be sorted. Also this is one of the first time in my life when I WANT to go home, as everything is so nice and perfect. I am proud to say that I live in my dream home I have just started work in Dewsbury, the work is nice and chilled, quite challenging, main issue at the moment is to getting used to waking up 6 am. Also, salary is nice (standard industrial placement money)... Which means, slowly I am looking into buying a car again in 2 month time (2 part of September), as I have money, and insurance for an R56 Cooper S/Clio RS197 is £1000, insured to my mum`s. I finally feel like I am getting my life together, which is compared to my previous state, feels amazing.
  7. Finally moved house! It was/is a proper pain in the arse, hob does not work, shower was weird, windows are seized (chances are previous tenant loved the previous landlord), but the place is amazing(and these are being sorted by my new landlord/agency)! I am sorting my life out bit by bit, finally I feel like my life is going forward. If this is how it feels to be adult (a mixed bag of crap with stuff moving forward) then I cannot wait Also I just got a random email with a job application, where I cannot apply atm (I need some more papers) but they are looking for similar guy than me, with a salary of £40 per hour, so I know which way I will direct my studies
  8. Lucky day! My house has been sold so I have a new landlord and agency, who lets me pay monthly! Also i just a F450 drone kit for research purposes
  9. Have you tried to turn it off then on again?
  10. are you coming here to terrorize peoples brakes?
  11. alright, that is great, I got that mixed up Although I am pretty sure that the new threshold is £18K at Northern Ireland student finance I just wanted to add some points there as from someone who is in there atm, not arguing But yes, to have 10,000 students on student finance as they want to be students for 3-4 years that is way too expensive The system in Hungary is a bit different ( it might have changed multiple times in the past 6-7 years): Students have 2 options: A: pay roughly £2000 per year by own/parents pocket (that is quite bit of money considering £1200 is a good salary there) B: be a good student (really high grades required) and the government pays for it ("free") I think option B would help here to make sure not too many "YOLO" students are going NOTE: if none of these makes sense, sorry, I am staring at physics books whole week long, I have not had human contact apart from my flatmates for a week
  12. 1. Might be true (eg. chances are partially it is, I have no numbers or experience to say it 100%), although many people are here "to be at the uni". Not sure what could change it, or whether it needs to be changed 2. They might be under pressure but it became a running joke (which hurts) among teachers and students that we need to pay for printing papers, and some demonstrations are a guy literally running up or down or a bottle of water (I am studying electronics). We have a lovely student union which is really nice and pretty much we are calculating how much credits we have lost and how much it costs us 3. Great thing, I love apprenticeships and work placements! 4. Well, it has changed (student finance NI). At the moment the salary threshold is £18,000 (£17, 9 something something) and the payback is 9% ( I remember seeing something high value like that when I was applying for it 2 weeks ago), which means if I earn £27K per year (normal engineering money, £2250 per month) I will pay £202 for loan repayment, which is not a small amount of money. If you ask me, because of this repayment there is still a consideration to take in, as it will cost a lot, and if teenagers want to go to uni just for YOLO, then there is nothing that can stop them...
  13. It really depends how good my credit score, as a 22 year old student I am not sure if people would lend me that much money. Also that is pretty much a last resort, I dont want to burden myself with an extra loan and the logistics of sorting it out I will go in today and try to sort something out, I will ask them about quarterly payments, which would be feasible for me It is just pretty annoying that a "Student Properties" agency has really weird policies for International students/non-UK citizens, and this is the last thing I want to worry about in exam period. Cheers for the suggestions though, I will look into them!
  14. Finally found the perfect flat, I have put down the deposit and signed, now they want a guarantor with very specific details, which I cannot provide. i have a job contract, student loan forms, 2 years of rent references, University scholarships and going to the Uni (the renting agency is a student agency too) but still they are saying that either I have to provide a guarantor or pay the whole year rent at one go, which is £7200.... I really hope I can sort something out with them tomorrow, as it start to turn into some kind of joke, especially that the place is near enough perfect for me....