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  1. Sorry to hear that Jardo. All the best to everyone involved! I'm afraid I'm going to bail on this too. I'm a bit stretched for cash this month, and without anything fun to drive (ok, the BMW could be a laugh, but it's a 1750kg barge, it's not exactly suited to sprints.) it's hard to justify the cost of driving up just for the social side of things. If anyone heading up from the southwest wanted a passenger let me know and I'll happily jump in with a camera though.
  2. Yeah. I've got a decent trolley jack I'll throw in. I'll be in a 5 series touring, so I'll chuck in any tools I think might be handy and act as pit crew due to my lack of car Im willing to abuse. I'm happy to act as the camera car for rolling shots too if needed.
  3. Wow, this creptup quickly! I definitely won't be in the Porsche, so I'll come along in the525d. A little boring, and I won't want to abuse it too much, but I'll sling a load of tools in the boot and come along for the social side anyway. I'll still do a few laps, but if anyone wanted to split the day with me and go halves I'd be keen to dothat, if not I'm still happy to have my full slot.
  4. Plastic Fitting, what's it called?!

    I know exactly what you're talking about, and it's bugging methat I can't find them either. I'd call them a 'saddle' and so does this american company, but I can't seem to find anything UK based selling them at all. (Edit: I know they're not push in ones, but they'd do the same job combined with a square ended threaded fitting.)
  5. Home engineering question

    Whenever I get stuff laser cut through work for my own projects these guys often seem to be the cheapest of our suppliers for small/thin/fiddly bits. They should be able to give you a quote from .dwg or .dxf files. (maybe other file types too, but I've never needed to know.) (I've no idea what they're like to deal with as an individual though, but they're good with smalljobs for a large company. Hopefully they're decent!)