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  1. The Car Thread

    I MIGHT actually have one, or 4. If they're the same as in a longitudinal Passat engine then I've got a stripped block in my mums shed. I need to go over there in the next few days so I'll have a dig around. Don't rely on it too much though, it was many years ago I stripped it and if they've already been removed and are loose then god knows where they'll be by now!   I've used those Superseal connectors a few times and found them fine too. Not quite the quality of the factory VAG ones, but certainly not bad.
  2. The Car Thread

    Yeah, that's normal, especially if it uses dual filament bulbs like H4s. 
  3. The All New TFTD2 Thread (actual dates)

    I can do any of those dates I believe. Although the longer I've got the more chance I've got of having the Porsche back on the road. I'm sure it'd still be fun in the BMW though. (I haven't voted as I don't want to just give a random date a bias. Maybe we could add a 'I don't mind' option to the poll?)
  4. TFTD2 2016 Discussion Thread

    Count me in for this. I might have the Porsche back on the road, if not then the BMW will be a laugh at least. I'm very easy going with dates. Whenever's fine really as long as I've got a little notice.
  5. The Car Thread

    Wow, just realised I haven't posted in here in a long while!  In early December the 406 finally started playing up, then someone smashed the rear screen over night and the MOT was due soon. A friend offered me his 525d for a good price so sadly the 406 went over the weighbridge, but I'm very happy with the 5 series. Super comfy and less painfuly slow/floppy to drive. The 6 pot's super smooth for a diesel too.  The Porsche has been off the road for the winter. I'll probably pull the head off to see if the noisy engine's the result of anything more sinister than the cam followers. Hopefully not, in which case I'll try and grab a second hand head for it and get on with suspension fun. Dan, I'm glad you got away with such little damage! Very lucky. We're the spacers hubcentric? I've run 15mm slip on hubcentrics without ever having the bolts slacken off. I guess the wheels face thickness could effect bolt length a fair bit though, mine were pretty thin. Jardo, massively gutted about the pop. I do hope it see's a 2nd life!