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  1. The Car Thread

    Paul. That BMW you've linked to is basically the same as Prawns, e39s are great and miles ahead of 46s in terms of build quality from the few I've worked on. I'm not sure if you'd be interested, but my 5 series is likely to be for sale in the autumn. Once the Porsche is back on the road I'll be looking to get a shonkier daily driver. I want something I don't have to worry about cosmetically damaging, and I could do with freeing up some cash for a trip, so I'll be downgrading to something that's more of a shed. (probably a cheep V70 d5) I need to do a bit of an update on the happenings with my Porsche sometime, but it'll have to wait until I'm home with access to photos.
  2. Google Chrome.

    Works great for me for basic stuff like forums, but try anything slightly complicated and it seems to cock up. It wont let me have two tabs of youtube open at the same time, or flash player crash's, and it often freezes up when I exit full screen applications. Other than that its been good.
  3. Day Insure

    Yeah, mine with Adrian flux said about a cooling off period, during which if you cancelled you would be charged for the correct proportion of the time you actually were insured for, and a small fixed cancellation fee. The time this can bite you in the ass is if you were involved in an accident they can refuse to let you stop paying the policy and make you pay the full 12 months, which could work out rather pricey! But yeah, its the best way by the sounds of it, unless the current owner is still insured, in which case a fully comp/T.I. mate is the best bet really.
  4. Day Insure

    In all fairness it would probably be cheaper to get it towed. How far is it? Can you not call a favour of a mate and get someone insured fully comp to drive it back for you?
  5. 99.9p Unleaded Again!

    According to a mate the morrisons in taunton has got derv down to 99.9 and unleaded even less now, something like 97.9. Sounds good to me.
  6. Tf Car Meet

    Expect so
  7. Teenage Angst Communal Agony Aunt Thread

    Cheers, that's basically what I thought, but I wanted to see if it was just me. Bit of a bitch that I still don't know, but meh, could have gone a lot worse, and like you say, may help in the future. Thanks.
  8. Teenage Angst Communal Agony Aunt Thread

    Yeah, I can't spell for shit. And I really don't try on msn either. in what way do I sound kinda mental?
  9. Teenage Angst Communal Agony Aunt Thread

    and this would be why I don't go giving advice in this thread. haha: I'm in the bold by the way. Kinda shit I guess. Just wanted to check with some people who are impartial to it all, but I really don't get why she wouldn't say? weird. Ah well, load off my chest having let her know, and she seemed genuinely the same as ever afterwards, so we're still good mates and everything. haha. So anyone know why she wouldn't say? She knows me well enough to know that I wouldn't really mind too much if she just plain said she had no feelings for me, I'm a pretty bluntly honest person, and she knows I always prefer people to be like that back to me. haha. Any ideas? Edit: Left someones name in the conversation
  10. Need Help Please - Asap

    Did you sell it with a warranty? Its second hand, it didn't arrive in a state other than described, its really nice of you to offer anything for the wheel truing to be fair, so any mores a joke. If the shops happy to charge piss take prices like that, I'm sure they're also happy to make up shit being wrong with bikes. I work in halfords, who as everyone knows are rip offs, and its 10.99 per wheel for truing, and under 15 quid for BB fitting.
  11. How To?

    As oposed to stretching it how? if you havent deformed it in what way have you stretched it? As said, give it a good clean, re-lube it with some light oil on the drive rings and a bit of grease on the open bearings. If you dont want to have to use tha fancy tool you can pretty much get it apart enough to clean it out. just dismantle it as much as possible and clean it with a bit of de-greaser and a toothbrush. Dont use GT85/WD40 or similar as its a penetrating oil and will find its way into the sealed bearings and strip the grease out from where you do want it.
  12. Index Fingers...

    To be fair if you think about it surely writing would do it loads more than riding. We did it a while ago and a couple of my mates who dont ride's hands did it, along with mates who ride BMX breakless/with one break and there was no difference.
  13. Vw's On The Trials Forum

    Lucky you, mine just snapped its drive belt. A whole £3 to fix but I had the embarisment of being towed home by a saxo :$ Edit: Oh yeah, one way around caddys only having 2 seats
  14. Rohloff Tension Dimensions

    if the spring in a rear mech isn't strong enough just cut a coil or 2 off, pretty simple engineering really
  15. Vw's On The Trials Forum

    about 2pm today, although it was actually in the boot as I'd taken the back seats out to fit more bikes in last night. haha.