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Not Sure Where Best To Put This.

Trials Punk

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24" Trials/Street frame

Triple brake mounts: Magura / V / Disc - No additional adapters required at extra cost

Integrated brake booster with "24UK" marking - improved braking stiffness and control

Redesigned top and bottom tube gussets at the head tube join - Improved strength & better looks

Downtube "Armour plate" gusset to soak up impacts - More resilient & increased BB stiffness under pedalling.

2x the weld length at Head tube - Increased strength & stiffness

2x the weld length where the Seat stays join to the top tube - Increased strength & stiffness

This bike comes with:

zool handle bars

echo stem

tomac magura hydrolic rear brake with piston calliper and floating pads

hydrolic hope front brake with wavey disc

fsa the pig headset sealed barrings top and bottom

23 tooth middleburn pro trials 3piece crank

v8 dmr pedals

dmr chain tensioner

tough on the street reggie front rim 24x2.10

tough on the street ronnie rear rim 24x2.7

kmc x8 chain

hope front and rear hubs

tioga blue dragon front tyre

maxxis high roller rear tyre





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Pictures not working for some reason, is it just the spelling that makes you think this or am i missing something ? :ermm:

For a start he said it has Zool handlebars instead of Zoo! Quite a mistake when you look at the keyboard. I suppose you could get Zool if the ezxclamtion mark on the bars has been rubbed off slightly, which shows he doesn't know what the f**k is on the bike, so its probably been stolen.

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Pictures not working for some reason, is it just the spelling that makes you think this or am i missing something ? :ermm:

pic probably not working because i linked straight from ebay.. weird that your school blocks that as well. Nothing too obviously wrong in the pics, but the listing in general looks a bit suspect.

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First off I would contact the seller and tell him I have reason to believe it's a bike I had stolen, and be sure not to place blame on the seller. Then when the obvious no reply came then I would get in contact with Ebay and provide evidence to say the bike is yours, i.e. pics, receipts etc.

if neither of these work, put a bid in for £99999999999 so you definately win the item and wait for him to start contacting you pretty much instantly!

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Nah mate i dont think its nicked....

Why would a thief take that many photos of all the bits youd want pics of.

And if you robbed it i very much doubt all the parts have stickers telling you what part it is on.

Quite cheap but still reckon its a rich kid whos bought it and cant ride it.

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Almost all the info he's given is wrong in some way though, so it does look like it's stolen. Whether he bought it off the original thief or not is another matter, but it wouldn't be the first time I'd seen a nicked bike just go straight up on the Bay.

I recognise seeing that bike in a "Stolen" thread too. Trying to rack my brains to remember who's it was...

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You can quite clearly see that he's stolen the description from the Heatsink Website which is infact the description for the 24UK No#2. The one that's being sold (99% sure) is the 24UK No#1.

There not exactly the most popular frames, surely someone must know if somebodys had one stolen.

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I dont think its nicked, if you knew nothing about bikes and was a chav who'ed nicked it. Then a chain would be a chain you wouldnt go to the trouble of looking on the chain to see it says kmc. It does seem alittle suspect but i think its proberly a rider that is new to sport may be?

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Does look dodgy especially as in the pic of the magura lever the bolt that holds the lever blade in is falling out, i dont think theres a trials rider out there that wouldnt tighten that up.

mine do that, but its cus the stuff on them to hold em in came off. I tighten it with my bare fingers as soon as i see it sticking out too much!

yeah, its gone now

stolen much?

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What not to do:

Don't email him to say he's a thieving little ****, don't email him telling him its yours, don't tell him you think its stolen.

What to do:

Find the real owner, i'm sure someone on here must know him, if he's ordered stuff from heatsink or bought it second hand chances are he'll know about this forum. Tell the owner to contact the police about it showing pictures of his bike and if possible, him with the bike. The police will probably sort it out through ebay trying not to alert the seller as to what they're doing.

If you wanna be a hardcore ass kicking arnie wannabe, win the auction, collect it in person and proceed to batter the seller instead of paying them and just take the bike. :lol:

Please note thats probably the best sounding option revenge wise, but possibly the stupidist one also.

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