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Cracked 07 Pro 2

Rich Pearson

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Hey rich i snapped an 07 one 2-3 weeks ago as well, i was so annoyed, just send it back with a note saying your address

UK Head Office

Hope Technology Ltd.

Fernbank Mill, Fernbank Avenue



United Kingdom

BB18 5UY

Phone: +44 (0) 1282 851200

Fax: +44 (0) 1282 851201

E-mail: info@hopetech.com

Service & Warranty: +44 (0) 1282 818413

Service E-mail: service@hopetech.com

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Mine didn't turn properly (either way) and if you put pressure on it the pawl would just squeeze the ratchet ring apart so it'd skip.

Overall not a great thing to be happening. Good job mine didn't go on one of the many HUGE gaps I do always that are mad good.

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I've got some questions:

1. How can you tell the 06 from the 07 model?

2. I've used the pro2 trials hub for 3 weeks (ordered from CRC), it's very new. It skipped 3 times already. Is it normal for it to skip?

1. It's written on the hubs.

2. Yes, a certain amount of skipping during the bedding in process is totally normal.


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Hey Rich,

Think someone was trying to tell us something last night! About half an hour after you went home my chain snapped over on the concrete pipes by the Leisure centre car park. Landed chest first on the pipe! Bit bruised this morning! >_<

Damn bikes!

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