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Gu Fork Too Long...


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Put on your stem stackers and stem as many as you want to run, then use a junior hack saw to leave a mark where it sits. Then cut about 4mm below this line, the longer the steerer the better means you get more support. Then either use a saw or a ginder to cut your steerer. Before you do that sick a bolt in the star nut and hammer it down far enough first.

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I'm not sure how you're getting away with so few tools - I wouldn't let a set of allen keys worth under £10 near my bike as cheap tools tend to ruin bolt heads, so that's over half your budget gone already. If you go to a local shop remember that no qualification is needed to set yourself up as a bike mechanic, so only use a shop you know to be competent - none of my bikes has been to a bike shop (Apart for to be parked outside) for well over a decade...

If you want just the basics, a decent set of allen keys, a crank puller, cassette/freewheel and BB removers, chain tool, spoke key, bleed kit (If you're on hydraulics) and proper cable snips will already add up to well past the £50 mark, and that's before you worry about fitting/removing headsets, hub bearing replacement etc. (Add tools for suspension servicing (Great fun on long winter evenings :P) if you've got an XC bike and it gets really scary)...

I reckon it's still cheaper to buy the tools as you need them and educate yourself as to how to use them than to go to a bike shop.

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I wouldn't let a set of allen keys worth under £10 near my bike



I'm using one that's a relic from the old shop I used to work at (Which I left about 4 years ago). I think it's around 7-8 years old, been used constantly throughout that time as it was the main set of allen keys at our shop. It's indef**kingstructable!

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as cheap tools tend to ruin bolt heads

Genrally find that people who don't know what there doing ruin bolt heads, not specifically the tools themselves, Ive always gone for cheap=Better principle, and all my bolts are fineeee

Set of Allen Keys 1-10mm about 5quid

6 quid chain tool

Screwdriver hammed and wood for headsets

Always borrow BB tool, which undoes my Tensile as well - but if i did want one 6quid?

Hammer as a crank puller genrally - unless im feeling posh. and borrow one

Bath bleed

3quid spoke tool....

Not hard to get a fairly decent bike kit for under 20quid

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I never use any form of LBS for anything. Ever. With about £20 of bike specific tools you can do absolutely anything, and you won't be wallet raped everytime something goes wrong. But yeah, follow the instructions in here (except 15 years later (sorry 15YL)) and you're laughing (Y) .

i couldnt face my bb shell, had to get the bikeshop to do it, i was soo f**king worried lol

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