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Nye 08!


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It's now officially new years eve, one of the best nights of the year! This time tomorrow it'll be 2009 :o This years gone far too quickly.

What are you up to tomorrow night, and what are you dressing up as?

Im going as a grimey pirate this year :P Were all going round to my mates flat until 10/11, heading into town, then to the pubs, then back to his. Undoubtedly will be a messy night :-


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Going to a little gathering at a mates house, I have (to myself) 36 carlsberg (bottles) a bottle of red square, 3 pints of john smiths and whatever i consume in the drinking games, then heading off to a house party at about 12ish. Should be sweet, and incredibly messy.

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Having a Party at my Gaff.

Screw going into any towns, All Bars/Pubs Will charge for entrance, be packed and shit.

Last year the Bar stopped serving at 11:30 until 12:30 so the bar staff could have a break, Everyone in the pub ran out of drinks for the New year and it was generaly a shit atmos.

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gonna get crushed watching the fireworks in London..

I'd recommend getting there early then as they've cordoned off an area for spectators and we're expecting it to fill up straight away... If you're to late for the viewing area then you'll have to go else where...

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Decided I can't be bothered to venture out this NYE, as you know this is strange of me passing up a golden opportunity to get far too drunk and embarass myself but my reasons are as follows:-

- The club that let me in for free 2 days ago are charging 25 pounds for a ticket.. for the same venue, where it will be just as packed as 2 days ago, when any drink was 2 pounds it will now be more like 5 pounds for the same thing - I figured this was a massive con, and i would just go out next Monday, or Tuesday when its pound a pint.

- Everybody makes a point of going out even those who don't want to - last year there were loads of fights and anger by older people, this was very annoying, and police were everywhere (not that this is a bad thing but just kinda ruins the atmosphere of the evening)

- Transport - what transport? I know the underground is running all night, but good luck ever finding a bus anyway let alone on newyears eve / and even if you phone a taxis rank, they will just do a pre-recorded annoying laugh, saying "yea good luck ever getting a taxis you f**k up"

- House partys - after the smashing of someones patio doors - the flooding of the whole upstairs of a house - the destruction of a shed and all its contents - the "borrowing" of parents cars, and just all the genral mayhem thats happened in the past has stopped house partys for our group... unsupprisingly

So for these reasons, my sister is making 6 things of jelly, with the popcorn you put in the microwave, have 2 crates of strongbow, a bottle of vodka, morgan spiced and sothern comfort, i plan to sit in with my missis, whack on a film, get her drunk and roll into the new year safley knowing i won't have to get a taxis home.

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