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Royal Fail


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I bought a wheel/cranks off a member on here and he posted them on the 2nd of January and they're not here, I also bought a frame/forks/cranks/bars/etc. from America which was sent on the 12th December and that's still not here. When I spoke to the guy in America he said it was held up in customs, that was on the 5th January, so where the f**k is my stuff?!

Anyone else noticing very slow post?

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its just the backlog from cristmas slowing everything down...to be expected, but it still sucks

I've had two parcels turn up in the mean time though, one was sent xmas eve, the other on boxing day, both from america, and have both already arrived. One of the two even got stuck in customs and I had to pay a charge on it but it's still here.

I've ordered some stuff from Amazon and it's taking a f**king age to arrive. All the stuff from Amazon Jersey got here quick (for obvious reasons), but all the stuff from England is MIA.

Glad to know I'm not the only one, but doesn't really make things any better.

I understand there's gotta be a Christmas backlog but how f**king long, you're telling me something sent on the 12th December still isn't here, but something sent 2 weeks later is...

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Ordered stuff just before Christmas from america, was posted on the 24th from Cali and arrived around the 2nd, was sent to my office and was already here when came back into work so not 100% sure on delivery date. Post seems fine, it's the posters it sound's like you are having trouble with. :)

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Ive been finishing super early since the 23rd december...

My postman turned up about 5 minutes ago.


I just rang Royal Mail to find out if they could tell me anything and they told me to ring Customs, I rang customs and they couldn't find anything, so told me to ring Parcel Force. I then rang Parcel Force and they did a postcode check, and can't find anything in my name due to be delivered to this area.

Seems I'm now $300 (which was £210 at the time) down, in addition $300 is now equal to about £200, so I've lost out on a tenner.

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Haha nah it's from a different forum. It's second hand stuff but still. From what my man in the US told me last time he checked it was in Customs but when I rang PF and Customs they had no knowledge of it, so either it's been returned to sender or it's been "lost" (read as: nicked), because I was told they had to open the box to inspect the contents as it was a big box.

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I've sent a lot of items USA to the UK and visa versa. It seems to take ages from the UK to the USA, but much quicker the other way round, however it could take up to a full month.

Just wait it out, a box that big isn't going to get lost. It'll turn up in a couple of weeks.

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