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Broken Aux Port.


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Hi, Basically part of my earphone Jack snapped off inside my dads new laptop, I managed to get the snapped part out of the laptop so the speakers now work, but the Jack port is now unusable.

I'm just wondering if there's something i can buy that will plug into the HDMI port on the laptop that will have a female AUX Connection so i can still plug in an AUX cable and run it to my speakers.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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for a new laptop there is really high possibility that you cannot change the port, not even with soldering, as it should be really hard to find

that is an HDMI OUT port, so you will not transfer anything in to from there.

Service. you have no other option then

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So every bit is out, the speakers work and the aux does not work?
I reckon you could bring it back at warranty as it had a problem that broke your headphone and made the laptops input faulty
It seems like it needs to be replaced, but it cannot be done without any parts, your option 2 is that usb sound card, but I would do the warranty thing
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This is the same guy that sold a wheel, then couldn't afford to post it.

Ah wait, I think your question was rhetorical.

No dumb dumb, the 'just pulled out the headphones'.

Also, do you not care that you broke someone's new bit of electronic equipment and you're trying to look for a shitty temp fix rather than being a man and getting it fixed properly?

If you have nothing helpful to say, then get the fu*k off my thread!

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