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Big squeaky bike video.
Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty chuffed with a bunch of stuff in this, but having made it, I'm somewhat concerned that it's a bit... pants.
I've ended up filming largley the "big" stuff I did, and neglected to film a whole bunch of the smaller, weirder type riding that is what actually makes me smile. Still - it is what it is. I'll hopefully remember to film the gross ones next time.
I feel like I might stay on the stock for a while as I'm rather enjoying it.
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1:10 in I thought you were going round the corner for a second. I wouldn't put that past your abilities.

Also it wouldn't be a Flipp video without seeing you eat absolute shit at least once on a bail.


Great video really enjoyed it!

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49 minutes ago, aliao said:

This just kept getting better and better as it progressed! That last bail has to be one of your better ones, hope it didn't hurt too much haha!

Oh boy did it.

I was convinced it had broken my wrist for about three hours after.
Never felt such a sharp pain from a blunt force impact.

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