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Do You Ever Question Life?


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I mean, why we enjoy certain things. I was playing Vice City last night and suddenly thought, why do I find a collection of moving pixels fun?

Why do I find it rewarding to drive at top speed around a virtual city avoiding police? I mean what do we gain from such irrelevant activities?

Also other things like, why do men find breasts attractive? They are just lumps stuck on the front of women!

Random topic I know, but does anyone else ever think about this kind of thing?

Anyway, back to the mental asylum I guess...

Get off me doctor!!! No i'm not resisting!!! Get off!!!! IM NOT CRAZY!!! [screaming fades as ambulance drives away.....] (Y) :) :D :-

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I think about things like this all the time.

Why do I spend so much time and money on a bike?

Why do I like Old cars?

Why do I listen to Hardcore/Metal?

It gets me thinking, what if.............

What If I was a Chav

What if I was into drugs and smoking

What if I ended up with that Girl

What If I had made that decision.

When I have the time to look into it I realise.

I do these things becuase there was a reason for it at the time.


I started riding because I enjoyed it.

I lost the Girl because......... ect.

What would happend if I had...........

Then I came to this conclusion.

Its the what ifs that kill you.

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I do. I used to play mmorpgs and then it hit me, im staring into a screen putting hours in improving my character etc, and for what?!

Why do men spend longer on the toilet than women?

Why am i fascinated by lumps of tissue called tits?!

crazy stuff

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i think its all to do with other people. We all enjoy being around other people such as our friends and even some of us our crazee enough to like being around their families (Y)

I believe its all a trend, someone likes something because someone else likes it in the end things are just being made to make us all that little more similar, with us being similar and "liking" things that are the same, we get on better as friends feel better inside and generally should live quite happily.

I know its probably a load of crap but thats my view on it.

Mr Monkey person try some form of energy drinks during the day, maybe red bull, or if you dont eat breakfast like me drink a food suplement thingy for breakfast, preferably one with creatine in it, makes you feel loads better.

Stu :S

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You can go on and on and question life, but it's a bit pointless really. Even if you knew exactly what life was for, you probably couldn't do anything about it. Just get on with your life and do things that you enjoy :S

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If you're ever bothered enough to read into it, go find youself a copy of "Irrationality" by Stuart Sutherland. He basically dwells into why we are and why we do the things we do.

Makes the brain tingle, I tells thee. And it's also a bloody good read.

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I always wonder why, "why the hell did they pick somone with big flappy ears and keeps saying 2 words then stopping for a 2 second breake to start another 2 words.... to be our prime minister!!!"

I want to know, why do people rule our lives?? E.G MP's rule us by taking money off us that we earn!!!!..... Well not me, cause I dont work!! :S

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I always wonder what its like to be dead :S And I wonder what happens after death, I believe in re-incarnation, and I think we go to a completely different world. Maybe I sound 'mad' but I just can't help believing it...

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Yea, I really hate it when I get into the what if I had said this and what if I had done that, it absoloutly (sp) kills me, but then I just think.....there's bugger all I can do to change it so why dwell on it? (N)

Sometimes I just think about how amazing everything is, e.g. how the brain works, I mean its amazing!

Oh dear, im getting carried away again :"> Better stop.


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Happiness is a chemical in the brain - an endomorphin - sadly it is that simple. A nice pair of mamory glandes make our happiness gland squeeze happiness juice around your brain.

The wierd thing is though, why do we feel it? How come I can see and think? Wierd! :) :)

I've come to the conclusion that seeing as my brain is just a lump of matter, and so is a rock, the rock must also have a conscience but it is very, very, stupid. Now i talk to rocks and try to educate them. (N)

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I'm stuck in this "what if" situation at the moment. If i don't go to a party, i will be annoyed with myself, and if i do go, i will be annoyed also.

Life takes many twists and turns, some more then others, but if you stand and think about it too much, opportunities will wiz right by, then your stuck once again with the, "what if i took that opportunity".


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