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Uhhh, new sponsor? Awesome. Good luck with it. :)

But f**k about, you've got those sidehops nailed a bit don't you. :o 8 and 3/4 palletts, bejebus.

Bit short though, and could of done with a bit more variety, but #@=*&%$ stupid none the less.

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"Nice vid but those frames at the end look horrible and that brake booster should be thrown in a very large hole and covered in cement so no one will ever see it again!"

along with your website.... :shifty:


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shame about the crackling sound... sidehops were huge, the rest was cool aswell. love the gap to the wooden fence. the tune was also really cool, well nice short video.

davetrials: photoshop maybe? or just someone holding the bike and then just letting off just before you take the photo, it works since the bike stays up for a few seconds...(tried it)

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I really liked that video. It had a different quality that made it stand out from all your others.

The music was bearable? :-

Although it was really short, that's probably one of your most enjoyable vids of you I've seen. Can't wait to see you in action on the Aorta.

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