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What Riding Style Do You Like The Best?


What riding style do you like the best?  

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  1. 1. What riding style do you like the best?

    • Big riding (Damon Watson)
    • Smooth riding (Rowan Johns)
    • Old School riding (John Shrewsbury)

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well i love watchin the style where riders attack what there doing and make it better and with more style than others, as in akkers and leech,

also one guy from my LBS was like that on a planet X, his riding style was amazing to watch, instead of one big move, hed continue doing another but linking it with a manuel or a switzerland squeaker, any way youd do something, he could redo it many a time with different approaches and have no repetetivness at all. (Y)

oh and PHAT rail gaps and drop gaps dont go a miss :P

i dont really have a real preference

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i like smooth, effortless riding whether it be massive or small. i hate to keep referring to ben but i like his style, theres probably other guys on here with much the same style and ability. after watching my vids i look too "floppy" on a bike for some reason :lol:

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surely shrews stylee is new ? I mean its sort of come about due to the 24 " influence ? and thats pretty new - going big is as old as it gets - people have been trying to go higher since day one ...

anyway out of the three its him...

Damons a beast, but its too much for me.... dont like to think about the danger ...

to be honest my ultimate rider for style / inventiveness / Pretty big moves = ASHTON.

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The above I agree with, slightly. I will add my two pennies either way.

Big riding is impressive, yes, but it is also boring and repetitive I think. I admit I don't go big at all, but its not my thing.

Smooth riding looks more controlled with the bike but you can be too smooth wich Imo can ruin the riding. not naming any names but I know one or two lads who ride super smooth in order to save their bike from damage and in the proccess seem to not improve in other areas of trials.

Old skool? If that means linking moves together be it big or small, then that would be my prefered riding to watch/try for myself.

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On videos it must be Rowan's riding but then I've been up in Derby, rode with Neil and seen how incredibly smooth he is. So I guess the opinion can only be based on videos unless you've ridden with all these riders.

edit: Add a group called Matts. This would include Arkwright, Staples and maybe Partz.

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