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Dj Ride May 13th. Sunday...


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Hi all.

As last years ride was a success, I thought I should try and get a few of you all back into town, and to mark the occasion.

I was chatting to some riders the other day who thought it would be a good idea to get a ride mentioned and off the shelf.

So, here it is, list the names please peeps. (Y)


P.s. I'll possibly be picture taking / videoing this year aswell as all the pro's that arrive for these rides.

Johnny Jones, you gonna video this as usual?

And Mike D, are you up for the pics?

Hope to chat to you all soon...

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Hi all.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that this is a Portsmouth ride again.. Most people know me, and that the ride would be here, but just to eliminate confusion.

Also, If enough people are interested, I may be able to get someone to start a BBQ at the back of the pyramids, which would mean that when we arrived the food would be ready, or at least nearly ready. I guess if we all chipped in on the morning of the ride that person could get all the meat etc for the BBQ.

Obviously, this ride is open to all ages and abilities; so don't stay away 'cause you think you're crap. Come for the fun and possibilty of meeting more riders of all abilities.

Ben, I am sure I can put you up for the night. New place now ;)


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